However, when these assemblies ecome vulgar and violent something has to be done, It's time for the government to step In. This Is why I agree with censorship of the Internet, because It will not only protect the privacy of individuals; it will also limit content viewed by minors and aid in national security. (Compound Sentence) First, there is a lot of information on the Internet that the government may consider distasteful, and much of that information can be accessed by minors. Children can access the Internet at home, at school, at public libraries or even at a friend's house.

There Is so much indecent material on he Internet, such as pornography that children should not be exposed to. Children who arent of age, are most likely not mature enough to be exposed to such material, therefore the potential of permanently affecting a child's morality remains high. (Compound-complex Sentence) I believe that the children are the future so it is our job to protect them and instill right from wrong within their minds. We cant save every child but we can start by protecting the minds of few from harmful material on the Internet.

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The fact is that the growth of the Internet as an unregulated space has aused the web to become a black hole of unrated Information. Lately many people have been victims of credit card fraud and Identity theft. (Studies show that every minute nineteen people fall victim to identity theft, so the next question is how? Well many people pay their bills online or even do a bit of cyber shopping and when they enter their social security number and credit card information that identity that was once theirs Is now being shared with the entire World Wide Web. How can we stop this problem?

The best solution Is censorship with someone monitoring accounts and igh profile websites It will make It more difficult for hackers to tap Into your personal information. If nothing is done there will be no individuality amongst individuals, not only will this spark a rise in crime it will also relinquish all rights to privacy. The internet is one of the most used ways of communication; this can be a good and bad thing. (Complex Sentence) The World Wide Web is open to anyone with a computer and a connection to the internet, which is one of the main reasons why it is under such scrutiny.

It's good because It allows people from different countries to interact nd connect from all parts of the world. While on the other hand It can be a nightmare it can also serve as a breeding ground for terrorist groups and hate clans. Just think about 9/1 1 after the attack on the twin towers tons of evidence emerged from the internet that stated the plans that A1 Qaeda had for the united States. It makes you wonder that if the internet was censored would September eleventh even be a part of America's history. After the entire internet was the government's main the censorship of the internet.

Today I challenge you, I challenge you to go home and og onto the computer and go to normal websites that you would browse. However, while you are surfing the web I want you to count Just how many irrelevant ads and pop ups appear, then I want you to think how many of these ads can be potentially harmful to you or even to children who surf the web. We have to do something We' collectively: governments, parents, Internet providers and platforms, educators and charities. We've got to work together to take back what was supposed to be a positive and educational resource, it won't happen in a day but overtime change will prevail.