You can use it to contact someone in the case of an emergency. People with pacemakers can still use it. (device put in chest to control abnormal heart rhythms) Cell phone use is a factor in less then only 1% of accidents, considering that adjusting the radio or changing a song, talking to other people in the vehicle, eating, or drunk driving are much larger factors. "Fears that cell phones cause cancer are groundless.

There is not a shred of evidence that the electromagnetic radiation from your cell phones causes harm, much less that from the wiring in the walls of your house, your hair dryer, electric blanket, or the power distribution wires nearby. "-Bernard Leikind, PhD You can call someone in the country for the same price as someone that lives next to you, so there are less bills to pay. You can keep track of your family and your peers. CONS: Long term cell phone use increases the risk of tumors of the head. Talking or texting on a cell phone while driving actually goes hand in hand with someone drunk driving with their alcohol level of . 8% Increases the risk of being hospitalized for migraines and vertigo by 10-20% Batterys in most cellphones can overheat and explode. They have been known to cause injury and start fires.

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Children under the age of 20 increase their chances of getting cancer by 5X if they use cell phones because the skull is much less thick then the one of the adult and the signals penetrate 4-6 centimeters into the brain. It is much safer to hold it away from your ear or to just not have one at all. "... Children who begin using cell phones in their teen years have more than a five-fold (500%) increased risk of glioma by the time they are in their 20's. -Cindy Sage, MA GPS system used in cell phones could be hacked and someone could possibly stalk you. Texting while driving dangerous, so dangerous that 18 states have already banned it. You can easily get addicted to your phone and get upset if you lose it or break it, or you can use it so much that you forget about other important things.