Dont worry, be happy was by Played by Bobby Mcferrin in the seventies . The in this piece the texture changes a lot as the work progresses. Every time the music would take a slower beat the texture would become thicker and the dynamic or the volume becomes lower. When the dynamic slows, one instrument would only be playing, and all at once when the tempo picks up more, and than three or more instrument would be playing. It seemed that when there are more than one instrument playing, they would all have a solo part to contribute. For example, the violin would play a fast tempo and the clarinet would play a slower tempo.
The instrument that I most noticed in this piece is the violin. Throughout the piece the violin keeps on changing tempo and dynamic. What I liked most about this piece this how the instruments answer each other with a different beat, and dynamics.

The piece called "All I want" was written by Bobby Mcferrin.. In this piece I would say that the texture stayed the same most of the time. It starts out with a very slow tempo. It is like walking in a desert without water. The tempo keeps on dragging you to a faster and more dynamic sound. When that happens it is like taking the first taste of water after a long walk in the desert. The violin plays as the main instrument when it comes to the faster tempo and dynamic part. The clarinet on the other hand takes the slower mood in the piece. The volume would get louder as the tempo picks up. What I liked about this particular piece is the way it changed its tempo from vary slow to vary fast. What I did not like is that their are not enough instruments involved. The only instrument that stood out I would have to say is the violin.

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The piece Good Loven was played the most by Bobby Mcferrin. The piece starts out with a slow tempo and changes to a vary loud dynamic. The texture did stay the same. Once the dynamic becomes louder the texture takes a different turn. What is quince about this piece is the how all the instruments play the same tempo. The volume does not change as much as in the other pieces. When the tempo slows the violin and the flutes would take over. As the volume gets louder more instruments join in. What I liked about this piece is how the bass was being used. The words seemed to take in a big part on with the instruments. Just by the words alone you can what jazz was all about. I think this was the only song that I listened too more than one time.