Research is at the tip of the researcher's fingers, just being a few buttons taps away. Students can find information for essays at several websites in a matter of seconds, instead of searching volumes of books for several days. Students even have the option to purchase pre-written papers from the internet. Programs have been developed for our computers that practically write the paper for us. Some programs layout financial spreadsheets, doing the math for us.

Microsoft has a program that helps create business presentations with vibrant, eye-catching graphics. Taking place of the presentations made on the clunky overhead projectors, usually created in black and white still graphics. A busy society today, would agree that without amputees and software, daily life would not move as smooth as it does. The vehicles we ride in have more technology built Into them than Just a few years ago. The mechanical and electrical systems are constantly monitored and adjusted to would only run on all cylinders.

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Some vehicle manufacturers are offering eight cylinder engines that can run on four cylinders to improve fuel economy. An on- board computer monitors the drivers driving habits and turns four of the cylinders off when they are not needed. When the computer senses a drastic change in throttle position; all cylinders are instantly restored for full power. The cylinder turn-off feature makes the vehicle more efficient and environmentally friendly. Televisions have been significantly improved. Gone are the days of black and white. We now have beautiful high color television.

Liquid crystal display televisions are only a few inches thick and can be hung on the wall, yet still produce picture quality that is so realistic you feel as if you're in the picture. Plasma televisions use several micro televisions in the viewing screen to display the sharpest and most vibrant colors available to consumers. Sony and Samsung are developing organic electroluminescent televisions. The viewing panel uses organic material to create an image, and is only three millimeters thick. Technology has made travel more convenient.

Machines like bulldozers and paving machines lay smooth driving surfaces all over the world, making driving faster and more desirable. Those of us that choose to fly will do so in the most sophisticated machines ever created for travel. Airplanes have made reaching places with speed and safety, something we marvel at every day. Commercial airliners have backup systems of every control used for flight; unfortunately this is not the case for the landing gear. People feel safe in airplanes ND welcome the convenience with thousands of flights taking place all over the world every day.

Tools have been significantly improved by technology. Years ago craftsmen would have to use tools powered by the user to perform a task. A furniture maker's lathe used pulleys with ropes around them attached to a foot pedal to drive gears creating a leg used on a chair or table. Drills were similar to a hand powered egg beater, having a hand crank to spin the drill bit. Today's tools offer multiple speeds and the convenience of electric power. Safety has been engineered into tools making them more forgiving to the user in the event of an accident. Saws were usually run by water power.

Sawmills were built on a creek bank so a paddle wheel could drive a saw blade to cut wood. Today we have several styles of motor driven saws for a wide variety cutting Jobs. Technology has given us the opportunity to do things unimaginable several years ago. Technology has made us somewhat lazy at times. We depend heavily on technology. We use cars to take us a mile or two down the road to get fast food for dinner, instead of walking to the convenience store to get a power bar and an energy drink. Technology is a wonderful thing that should be integrated into our life, not become our lives.