What are the key applications components of Mitsubishi’s CRM system, and what is the business purpose of each of them? The key application components of Mitsubishi Motors’, customer relationship management system, are sales, marketing and fulfillment, customer service, customer support, contact and account management, retention, and loyalty programs. Sales * Support and manage their sales activities. * Optimize cross selling. * Up selling to customers.

Contact and Account Management * Track of relevant data about every past and planned contact * With prospect and customer to help with sales, marketing and service professionals Marketing and fulfillment * Marketing professionals accomplish direct marketing campaigns by automating such tasks as making sure all calls are returns. * Provide for the service of the customer to make sure all callbacks and customer needs are met. Customer Service and Support Provides the tools for real time access to customer information and information about the company. * Calls are routed based on customer need. Retention and loyalty programs * identify, reward, and market to their most loyal and moneymaking customers Do you approve of Mitsubishi’s approach to acquiring and installing a CRM system? Yes, we agree with Mitsubishi’s approach to acquiring and installing their CRM. * Their approach allowed for a CRM that was a “custom fit” for their company’s needs. Current customer service employees now have more opportunities for education and advancement. * The implementation was slow and gradual so that no major changes were made abruptly, and employees were not behind on the new technologies. * The benefits that Mitsubishi has gained (lower cost per call, higher customer satisfaction) from their CRM are a compliment to their acquisition and implementation process. Alternative -2