Week Six Case Study – Case 1: L’Oreal Knowledge Management Using Microsoft SharePoint 1. What are the challenges facing L’Oreal management? L’Oreal, founded in 1907, is world’s largest cosmetic and beauty company selling globally more than 500 brands. L’Oreal has five worldwide research and development centers spread over France, United States, Japan and China. To link everyone of them on the same platform of information is a difficult task. The intranet for this division must support thousands of researchers working in France, the United States, Japan and China.

The intranet is required to support professional applications as well as databases on subjects including biology, patents, hair color and laboratory security. In such a vast network its difficult for teams to communicate. Team members lose interest in commercial activity when they consume more energy in communication. To overcome these hurdles and to manage its largest internet initiative L’Oreal chose SharePoint Portal Server. 2. Make a list of all the functionalities of [email protected] described in the video. What kind of knowledge management system is [email protected]? Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies include browser based collaboration and a document management platform. These can be used to host web sites that access shared work spaces and documents, as well as specialized applications like wikis and blogs from a browser. * Users are allowed to manipulate proprietary controls or pieces of content called web parts to creat or modify sites. * The MS SharePoint is a premier collaboration server and a powerful platform that allows to work several persons on same set of documents together. It is targeted as a colaberated work space and a tool for management and automation of business processes. In short this is a collabration of processes and people. 3. Why did L’oreal say it chose the SharePoint platform? L’Oreal sought on intranet solution to manage the numerous documents generated by the internet and e-business group and to enable its various world wide branches to easily communicate and collaborate in the development of 200 corporate and business web sites.

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L’Oreal decided to use Microsoft share point server to create a global knowledge, collaboration and coordination of effort worldwide, enabling a single community ease of integration with desktop MS Office. The implementation was easy out of box. The simplicity to adopt and integration with other MS office application were the reasons of choosing the SharePoint. Within one week L’Oreal was able to test on the internet 4. What do you think are the ultimate benefits of [email protected] for L’Oreal? One global view of all the projects that were developing new products for launch. * Able to form a view on prioritization and be able to make the right resource allocation decisions * Improve quality * Track engagements with commercial subsidiary companies * These can be used to host websites that access shared workspaces and document across all the offices of the group spread in three continents Europe, Asia and US, means no need to exchange multiple mails with attachments. Document library – a place to store relevant documents, files, pictures etc. The advantage is that every related group member can access the latest version of document efficiently. * Team discussion board allows free discussion amongst the group members. * Calendar helps everybody to know all scheduled meetings and appointments without losing the track. * Announcements are available just a click away. 5. What might be some limitations of SharePoint in this application??

SharePoint is often criticized for its lack of well integrated tools for developers and its complex customized software architecture that differs significantly from those of other ASP. NET-based web applications. Microsoft has announced significantly better support in the upcoming version of Microsoft’s primary development environment Visual Studio to enhance the developer experience. This has all the limitations what out of box – template solutions have. It is good for general program management, but may lack certain functionalities of specific needs of Project Managers.