.. fied. Bibliography Car Stereo Modification I had modified my car stereo system the first day I got my new car. What's the reason made me want to modified my car stereo system so badly? I always love to enjoy music especially when there's nothing to do in the car. Music seems more important to me.

Excellent quality of car stereo system satisfied my enjoyment of music. I've conducted a survey to 20 Purdue University students. The survey included open question and short answer questions. The survey is easy to answer and really come out with some good information answers. I had understand about people's attitude towards cars had modified car stereo and how they want to get their car modified if they got chance to modified their car.

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I've also had a interview with a professional car stereo installer Mr. Liao by E-mail. E-mailing interview makes me organized the interview answers easier and make another set of interview questions to gain more information on car stereo modification. From interview with Mr. Liao, the opinion on car stereo modification could be taught by a professional car stereo installer.

I've also had a research on car stereo modification magazines, "Car Stereo Pro" and "Sound Lab" magazines. I've understand how to get the best system done and how each part of the system would work the best from the periodically article. To getting a modified car stereo system is not for show off but it's for personal enjoyment. Anyone have the rights to have a good time cruising in their ride. Car stereo modification may be affordable for most people who just want to upgrade their car stereo system to full fill their enjoyment, but it would cost huge amount of money to get the top of the line car stereo modification done.

People's opinion towards one who had a modified car stereo system and turn up loud is annoying and childish. Most people who had a modified car stereo system usually enjoys hip-hop music or techno music which required more bass and louder speaker to makes the song sounds better. Aftermarket car stereo system also requires professional custom installation depends on the model of the vehicle. I love to have a nice aftermarket car stereo system in my car. It is always a good time in the car when you have a nice car stereo system. Car stereo modification is one of my hobby that's why I would like to learned more about it.

From the periodically article research, survey of car stereo modification and interview with professional car stereo installer. The information of car stereo modification is very useful and detailed. The research on the periodically article of the aftermarket car stereo is helping to gain the basic information of aftermarket car stereo. It explains the detail of each different part of the system. This telling people that there's not only speakers and receivers for car stereo there's also have subwoofer for extra bass and amplifier for extra power supply. This gives the background information of what is aftermarket car stereo and how does it work to make the difference to the stock car stereo system.

Conducted a survey is always the best way to get the opinion from people. The survey of twenty Purdue students on campus gives us the idea of what's people's think towards modified car stereo system. Although, there's not that much survee owns a car but they provide us the information of how they going to modify their car if they actually can make a modification of their car stereo system and what's their thoughts towards people own a stereo system. In general, everyone enjoys music and wish to have a better system. From the result of the survey, if one truly enjoys listening to music he should get the system upgraded. People thinks one who bumping their system loud is just want to catch people's eyes.

It is not that much big of a deal to blame on them they are only few of them. I really had a good time from conducted a interview with Mr. Liao. Mr. Liao is a experienced expert in car stereo modification field. In the car stereo modification market, experience is the most reliable tool.

The interview is conducted by E-mail and it's been organized and send out for another interview questions. The most important of the interview is that the suggestions from Mr. Liao. He told us how to get the best value aftermarket car stereo system. From the interview, the stock car stereo system can't be compare to aftermarket car stereo system. There's really a dramatically different between stock and aftermarket car stereo system.

People could really enjoy their modified system so they will never go back to stock car stereo. For the result of the survey conducted of twenty Purdue students. This survey was given to ages 18 - 21 college students. The purpose of the survey is to focus on the aspect of car stereo modification. The students who got their system upgraded commented on how stock stereo system are inferior to aftermarket ones, and the reasonthey had it modified is for personal enjoyment. The 17 other people who do not have a modified systems wish they had one.

The reasons to why most people do not have system modified varies, but most common reasonis that they do not have the money to get it modified. Upgrading one's car still can be cost-reasonable depending on what level one wants to modify the system to. The three people who did upgrade their systems spend an average about $1000 - $2000. Two of them modified everything except the speakers. One person modified his subwoofer and amplifier. People agreed the best eystem to get is Pioneer. The people that do have a system modified were very satisfied with it. 45% people think it's wonderful to have system upgraded. 30% of the people think it's okay and don't affect them that much.

25% people think it's kind of annoying and rude when people turn up their music loud as if they're trying to impress others. Driving down the road with a modified system definitely catches a lot of eyes. When a person has a nice system, of course they would want to show it off. There's nothing wrong of them because they need a lot of attention. Regarless of what other people say, if one truly enjoys listening to music he should get the system modified.