What Is Meant by Appropriate Technology:: Appropriate technology was created as a way of enhancing national Independence by encouraging people to use local substitutes rather than Imported resources, and Is aimed at Improving technologies that already exist In the Third World. By making small adjustments to existing technologies the developing countries only has to create variations of technologies they are familiar with. This ensures that developing countries work within their capabilities.

Appropriate technology is the idea that lower level technologies, using local resources are more appropriate than higher level technologies that require imported resources. Examples: Human powered-vehicles include the bicycle , which provides general-purpose Transportation at lower costs compared to motorized vehicles, and many advantages over walking, and the whirlwind wheelchair, which provides mobility for disabled people who cannot afford the expensive wheelchairs used In developed countries. Animal powered vehicles/transport may also be another appropriate technology.

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Certain zero-emissions vehicles may be considered appropriate transportation technology, Can the latest technology be appropriate for developing countries? Science and technology Is a critical and greatly Improving area in most countries if not all. However, as it requires large amounts of man power and materials, a great deal of money is required. Governments provide a substantial amount of this money, and therefore they often make decisions regarding the direction and quantity of the money that should be placed into certain technologies.

It is also the government's role to decide which technologies will be used, and how (Bridgework 1998:12). During recent times the science and technology field has dramatically changed. For example, stunning developments are being made by the Third World and science and technology has become more focused on the government's short-term economic goals. These developments by the Third World are due to the technology transfer from more advanced, Industrialized countries.