A special thank of mine goes to my colleagues who have helped me In completing the project and exchanging ideas, thoughts and made my project accurate. I would dearly want to wish a special thanks to my parents for their support, inspiration and encouragement into doing it my way. At last but not least I want to thank my classmates and friends who appreciated me for my work and motivated me and finally to god who has made it possible for me to put effort on this wore.

The content of this booklet is my Business skills for E-commerce project. The work topics include: * A Kenya school mission, value, aims, objectives and assess their core business functions. * How the business aims meets the objectives of three stakeholders. Toy 2 What is business skill E-commerce? Business skills this is a Task One. 1. 1 Mission statement, Values, Aims, Objectives, Asses their core business functions.

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Mission Our mission at A Kenya is to ensure that we provide the best services to our students with a skill set that will help them became safe and confident drivers for the best of their lives. We believe that we come up with confident and well manner drivers who understand every detail of the road and will be able to adapt to all driving conditions. Values As the first choice for driving school we ensure that we attain the principle of honesty, integrity, ingenuousness, reliability and accountability is the cornerstone of our values system.

Objectives We as an organization aim to provide quality and affordable training to our students. Aim Business Functions Some of the business functions that Automobile Association of Kenya have include: * Human Resources This department has the resource that exist in the information, abilities, and drive of people. It consist of people that staff and operate an organization into a working area. The business function that deals with the people and issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, enactment and training. Production/Operations This department will be used in the production of marketing which is designed to inform people about the services that are being provided they may advertise their products through may means in order to capture the attention of the people which includes the association's website. They also monitor the cost that is spent, the planning output of the labor, capital and land consumed in the association. * Customer Service This forms the interaction between client and the service provider at the time of sale.

The customer may want to know more about the service being provided or the client ay have a problem concerning the offered service so they will direct there issues to the customer service who works and knows more about the amenity. * Finance and Accounts This mostly deals with the cash flow which is the incoming and outgoings of cash in the association. They monitor the incoming revenue and expenditure of the organization. It also raises finances which analyses financial requirements like getting loans and selling shares. 1. 2 How the business aims meets the objectives of at least 3 Stakeholders.