Key Products and Services

The company is primarily engaged in the exploitation of, and the acquisition, development, and production of crude oil and natural gas primarily along the Texas Gulf Coast, in the Permian Basin of western Texas, the Mid-Continent, and the Rocky Mountains (Morning star equity research, 2011).

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Key Customers

I.Neuberger Berman Genesis Inv

II.Vanguard Small Cap Index Inv

III.Vanguard Small Cap Growth Index Inv

IV.Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx

V.Essex Small/Micro Cap Growth A

(Morning star Research, 2011)

Forms of Business Ownership (sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, etc.)

This company is a corporation. The fund owners of this corporation are as listed below:

Key Competitive Advantages (i.e. what makes the firm unique and competitive compared to other firms in the industry?

Contiguous Acreage

Unlike other firms in the oil and gas industry, Abraxas Petroleum Corporation has been able to acquire vast tracts of land which has enabled it to come up with lesser number of days it would normally take to move a drilling rig between well locations (morning star research, 2011). It’s with this contiguous acreage that Abraxas has been perceived as a better potential buyout candidate and has also lead to cost savings by the company.

Transportation Access

A company has to be well situated for easier penetration of resources and potential buyouts. Abraxas Petroleum Corporation has taken this factor into consideration by its immediate location to the markets of Texas Gulf Coast and the Rocky mountains (Morning star research, 2011).

Capable Management

Most companies either focus their management capabilities on either possessing great financial expertise that allow for savvy acquisition or they may choose to focus on having a strong background in geology and engineering thus specialize in developing solutions to better find and extract oil and gas. Abraxas unlike this other companies have uniquely decided to acquire both the modes of management making it a first priority over others in the industry.