Think of a recent example at work/home in which you were involved in a miscommunication and answer the following questions. I. Why did the miscommunication occur? Ii. What impact did it have? Iii. If you had a chance to do it over again, what specifically would you do differently? Solutions: Solo 1: Not Just in modern business, communication is an indispensable asset in every aspect of life.

Even in our day to day life we have to be good in communication to tell the audience what we want to say. The importance of communication in the workplace becomes more important when your business grows - the more people you employ the harder it becomes to keep everybody in the loop. Say for example a customer may request a new part from a supplier, with information on how to use that part in a piece of equipment. The supplier will then communicate with the customer telling instructions for using the part. But what if he is not able to communicate well to him, on how to install the component properly?

He might end up losing business relations with him and in future the customer might not give further orders to that vendor!! So we can see how important it is in everyone's life. The importance of communication in modern business may be defined by the Toweling examples: 1 Basis AT detective learners: communication transmits leader's idea and opinions to the followers. Think about the Coo's and higher authorities who lead and guide the people for the betterment of the company or to fulfill any specific purpose. . Basis for the movement of ideas and information: It helps to move ideas and information from one person to another person. If there exists no communication media, technique or process then there would be no sharing of any idea or information. . Helps to collect data for decision making: it helps the manager to obtain data for decision making and to know what action is needed. Therefore, communication acts like a storehouse where data, idea or information is available to deal with. 4.

Smooth and efficient functioning: It helps in all managerial function, such as planning, organizing, directing, motivating and controlling. It serves as a fuel to managerial operation and function. Therefore, it makes a chain between past, present and future and helps for effective performance. 5. Efficient Human Resources Management: Human resources are recruited, trained ND motivated through effective communication. Recruitment involves screening of suitable candidates by calling them, taking their telephonic interviews and all to shortlist the candidates.

The whole activity involves verbal or non-verbal communication. 6. Establishment of public Relation: The management can create good and friendly relations with gobo. Customers, creditors, shareholders, regulatory bodies, trade unions and the society as a whole. 7. Solo 2: The incident that happened was; last month I and some of my friends decided to go for a one day full out. I had let my friends to decide the dates and venue and then inform me over the hone. They informed me that the date is 13th July and we will be going to Ragout Garden.

I said k, yes and finalized the program. For the next few days we were not in touch with each other as everyone was busy in their own personal lives. Then on 12th July, I called them and said, "guys I am ready, so at what time are we meeting" and to my surprise I got to know that the date decided by them was 30th July, which I heard over the phone as 13th July. We all had a blaming session over each other. I was resisting that it was 13th July and they were saying no it was 30th July. Finally it led to he cancellation of program. I.

The reason for the occurrence of miscommunication was due to the unclear/vague communication. It. The impact it had was we had to reschedule the plan and had finalize new dates because my academic session was going to start from 1 Gauge and I had to do some preparations' for it. Iii. If I will be given a chance to do it again I would now prefer to have a face to face conversation and that too frequently because if I had remained in touch with them this miscommunication would not have happened.