They can be surrogate keys as well. Table Details: MEMBER (Unnumbered, Embarrassment, Embarrassment, Mallard's); PAYMENT (Pentameter, Unnumbered, Payments, Fomentation) 1. 10 What problem can occur when a database is processed by more than one user? "Locking" NAS: When the database is processed by two users "Locking" problem can occur. There Is also a chance that one user's work may Interfere with the work of another user. 1. 12 What is the purpose of the largest databases at e-commerce companies such as Amazon. Com? NAS: The largest databases used by e-commerce companies are

Web-activity databases used to track customer behavior. They keep track of the web pages and web page components that they send to their customers. They also track all the customer clicks, shopping cart additions, left behind shopping lists and etcetera. 1. 27 Is Microsoft Access a DB'S? Why or why not? NAS: MS Access is a DB'S plus an application generator. It is also a personal database management system. Microsoft DB'S engine creates, processes and administers MS Access databases. The application generator includes queries which answer Business questions, forms.

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So It Is not Just a DB'S. 1. 30 What is the name of the DB'S engine within Microsoft Access? Why do we rarely hear about that engine? NAS: The name of the current Microsoft Access DB'S engine is the Access Database Engine (DAD), which is a Microsoft Office specific version of the Microsoft Joint Engine Technology (JET or Jet) database engine. We don't hear about them much because they are not being sold as a separate product. Microsoft hides important database technology to make it easier for beginning users to create and work with small database applications and their underlying databases.