An event coordinator Sets up employee a customer meetings as well as Corporate events. 2. Meeting room coordinator A room meeting coordinator is charged with ensuring that the meeting runs as scheduled. 3. Word process operator Uses a Computer Software to crate digital text and document. 4. Assistant Bookkeeper Daily Job duties requires, strong accounting and mathematical skills. 5. Receptionist Answer the phone call.

Help direct customers/client answer their questions, schedule appointments with smiling face. 6. Team Administrator Cary clearly and administration duties as a part of duties. A team ensuring smooth running of projects and office duties. 7. Mallory Assistant Help sort and deliver mall and packages for a company. 8. Accounted Assistant Is a large corporation frequently works In a payroll and accountant pay able receivable department and also does daily bookkeeping and life maintains for accountant. . Client Relations Administration Will need to work with department including building files and holding letters, ensuring all task are completed within the regularly guidelines, strong planning and organization. 1. 2 Job Description Task 2 1. 2 Job Roles Functional Description Administration is a support function required by all businesses and this does not mean Just doing keyboarding or fling.

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Senior administrators carry out a wide range of tasks, from monitoring budgets to interviewing, new staff for their departments The routine administrative carries wide range of tasks and services such as typing, filling, support, sending faxes and e-mails, invoice and also dealing with external customers or clients. One functional area of business administration One functional area of business administration Is customer service for example all genuineness must look after customers or clients who have an enquiry, concern or complaint.

Today, customer expectations are high. When people contact a business they expect a prompt, polite and knowledgeable response. Unless they get a high level of service they are likely to take their business elsewhere in the future. For this department where trained staff handle enquiries and complaints positively and professionally. The Job role of customer service description Customer service is a very important role for the business and mostly involves representing the organization as it is face to face contact and the first approach of he business of organization.

The customer service role, tasks and responsibilities are, Answering customer enquiries about products and services Providing specialist information and advice to meet customer needs Solving customer problems Providing after-sales service, including replacing damaged goods, arranging for repairs or for spare parts to be obtained and fitted Dealing with customer complaints according to company procedures Analyzing records of customer complaints to resolve problem areas Using customer feedback to improve customer service and satisfaction Task 3 3. 1 Job Comparison

Task 4 Personal Learning Profile Attachment 1 Attribute Explanation Very well Strength Not very well Areas for improvement Personal Skills Attachment 2 What personal qualities do I possess? Hard working Actively quick learner Team player Ability to work independently, Great time keeper What work-related skills do I possess? Great filling and data recording skills Consumer management skills Great telephone skills What skills and qualities do I possess? Skills Event organization skills Time management skill Great administration kills Team player skills Great customer service skills Qualities

Multicultural with the ability to interact with different people Positive attitude to progress Entrepreneurship mind set Multilingual Great team player and Great motivator What interests do I have? Meeting people and socializing with my friends I like soul music I like football I love shopping Traveling to meet new people and explore different cultures What are my values? Being honest Being Loyal Being charitable like supporting Children in Need Supporting Democracy Supporting my family Respecting and valuing others What are my personal qualities? Being generous Being happy Being determined and ambitious

Friendly Being patient and tolerant Energetic and creative Flexible What are my lifestyle constraints? Using computer CIT skills well Attachment two This is a Job description and personal specification for something that I would really like to do. Job description Job Title: Assistant bookkeeper Location: London Hours: 38 hours Salary: EYE,500 per annum Job summary: Must be managing and working on balancing accounts (also known as 'double book keeping'); processing sales invoices, receipts and payments; completing VAT returns; preparing invoices for the Inland Revenue; checking company bank tenements and repairing cash flow statements.

Also, you must deal with clients queries face to face and over the phone. Personal specification You must be able to work quickly and accurately, have good concentration, have an eye for detail and be able to work to deadlines. You are also need to have good computer skills (especially with databases and financial software) and be honest, discreet and trustworthy. Areas of improvement The important areas to improve on are on my English, Mathematics and computer skills. Mathematics: improving on this will enable me to use mathematics to solve robbers.

Reading comprehension: understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents will help me in my communication. Writing: communicating effectively in writing, as appropriate for the needs of the audience, will enable me to write to clients effectively. Active listening: will give me the ability to get the information I need. Active learning: understanding the implication of new information for both current and future problem solving and also decision making. Time management: will help in proportioning and meeting deadlines.