The purpose and benefits of continuously improving own performance in a business environment are to exceed limitations, achieve personal goals, impress corporate individuals, boost self motivation, satisfaction in everyday work, attain standard performance, do my job efficiently and effectively to increase productivity. 1. 2 It's important to encourage and accept feedback because It Is what helps us to see ourselves from the perspective of others. It keeps the line of communication open, communication Is vital to keep a business relationship healthy.

Feedback highlights the weakness and strengths within my role. This will encourage me In continuing what I am doing or discourage me In repeating the same mistakes. 1. 3 I can evaluate my own work by monitoring my performance regularly to make sure that it is as effective as possible. I get regular feedback in one to one meetings with my line manager, I use feedback from others to identify any skills gaps. I maintain a level of knowledge and understanding that enables me to carry out my role effectively. I have developed a personal plan and update this regularly to Include any new alms or achievements. 1. 4

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The purpose and benefit of trying out possible improvements to my own work are to ensure that the method I finally choose to use for the task in hand is the best and most appropriate. I always try new ways to do my work, so that the end result is good, and sometimes ways to finish of work easier rather than complicated. 1. 5 Learning and development Is a good way to Improve my own knowledge base, this helps me to understand my Job role better. This will also open up possible places for further promotions or Job offers. This will also help the company as I am more equipped to do the tasks currently set for me.

The career progression route within my role will be towards a manager role within database administration or to become a revenue manager. 1. 7 After completing my Level 3 in Business Administration I can then start looking for various Jobs with a good salary package and Job description, where I can best use my skills, such as supervisor, team manager and other sectors that require administrator roles. 1. 8 It is important to develop a learning plan so I know where I am now and where I am heading. This will help me learn what skills and qualifications I need to get to where I want to be in the future.