Why does Mr. Lewis send a telegram to Herman E. Calloway?
It turns out that Mr. Lewis has sent a telegram to Bud's "dad" saying that Bud is coming home. Uh-oh. Bud is nervous.
Why does Bud count to ten as the policeman talks to Mr. Lewis?
As they sit in the car, Lefty tells Bud to slide a little box under his seat and not to say anything. Then Lefty walks back to the officer. Bud tells himself he is going to count to ten and run.
Did Bud run after counting to 10?
What is a Labor Union according to Mr. Lewis?
A union is like a family, it's when a group of workers get together and try to make things better for themselves and their children.
Why does Mr. Lewis want Bud to put the box under the seat before the policeman comes over to the car?
Mr. Lewis wants Bud to put the box under the seat before the policeman comes over to the car because he doesn't want to get caught and get arrested for whatever is in it.
What was in the box?
They are flyers announcing a secret meeting for a Pullman Porter Union.
Is Mr. Lewis a labor union organizer?
Lefty isn't a labor organizer, but he is delivering flyers to organize a sit-down strike.
What is Mr. Lewis' job with the railroad?
A Pullman Porter
What sort of union is the secret meeting for?
A Pullman Porter Union
How do you think Bud feels when he realizes that Herman E. Calloway is very old? Provide evidence from the text to support your answer.
Bud feels confused about Herman E. Calloway being old because in the previous chapters, he seen Herman as a young selfish man.
Is Calloway his father?
Calloway denies he is his father.
How does Bud react after meeting Calloway?
Bud is really glad that his eyes can't cry tears, because otherwise he would have been bawling.
What was Bud's first impression of Herman E. Calloway?
He seems like a mean, cold man
Why did Bud slap his hand over his mouth?
He realizes he has broken Rule # 63: Never Say Something Bad about Someone You Don't Know
Why was Stead Eddie Bud's favorite?
He stuck up for Bud and Bud didn't want to hear anymore of Thug's teasing. But Thug kept on teasing him anyway.
What or Who is Sweet Pea?
That was the name of the restaurant where the band liked to eat.
How does Calloway react to Bud?
Calloway scolds Bud for accusing him of being his father and asks where his mom is.
What does Jimmy say to Bud after they get the feeling he's lying about running away from an orphanage?
Jimmy calls Bud over and tells him that the band will take him to a restaurant to eat, but then he's got to tell them the truth.
Why does Bud agree to Jimmy's terms?
He's never eaten in a restaurant before.
What did Bud say when he broke Rule # 63?
"just my luck [...] to find my daddy and he turns out to be a mean old coot,"
What does Thug do after Bud says he thinks Calloway is mean?
He pretends to jot what he said down on a paper.
Who was Miss Thomas?
She is the singer and has a special relationship with Calloway.
What is the first nice thing Miss Thomas does for Bud?
She is nice and checks out his stings and infected finger, which she scolds the men for not noticing.
Who does Steady Eddie want to sit with at the restaurant?
Steady Eddie wants to sit with Bud, who he says looks like a future sax player.
What is Bud shocked about when the band orders their food?
Bud is shocked that they get to choose different kinds of foods to eat.
What does Bud think Miss Thomas' humming sounds like?
Like a train coming on the track.
What hit Bud as hard as Snaggletooth MacNevin had smacked Herman E. Calloway?
He feels like he is supposed to be where he is, he feels like he is finally home! He felt like he finally found where he belonged.
What did Bud decide when he realized that this was where he was supposed to be?
He decided Mr. Calloway wasn't really so bad after all.
Why did Bud cry?
He was happy and relieved to be home.