We need more complex ways to think about the design of the world around us " -Paul D. Miller Science/Technology: Jacques Ruggeri's Innovative Sororities l try to invent new operational methods and I try not to base my architecture on existing architecture, but try to find new ways to build. " -Jacques Ruggeri Film: Cannes Film Feature I "A Story of Children and Film" "Mark Cousins has one of those brilliant minds that delves deep into one theme. As a result, he creates stunning documentaries that reveal it all. With an eye for detail, he shows you more about one subject than you could ever dream of.

Film is his passion, his mind the motor and his eyes the connector to his mind full of treasures that turn onto one masterpiece. His film 'The Story of Children and Film' is the perfect example of this. " -Vivian Van Disk About EYES Magazine Corp.: As a publisher of the world's innovative creators & their masterpieces, EYES Magazine (Maggots) spotlights innovation in fields of architecture, art, artists, beauty, books, culinary arts, culture, design, fashion, film, finance, health, music, photography, real estate, science, technology and travel.

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It is a must read for anyone who wants to stay informed on global trends, upcoming and celebrity creators in these areas. EYES Magazine (Maggots) delivers a state-of-the-art visual experience into the minds & works of the most stunning creators under the artistic & innovative view from Editor-in-chief, Author, and Art Director, Vivian Van Disk. EYES Magazine releases digital publications once per month via the EYES Magazine app on the Apple Newsstand as well as on the Amazon Kindle, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble Nook. Access to EYES Magazine Just got easier with our new Kindle Edition App available for Android free at Amazon. Mom - http://Amazon. To/effacer. The company also sells printed collector books via Crawlspace and Lulu. Com. The publications are a beautiful extension of EYES Magazine's main brand,http:// wry. Eosin. Com.