In modern society, the options for the consumer are endless. Brick and mortar businesses are starting to become an endangered aspect of the business world. Many companies are turning to e-commerce and e-business. One recent statistic states, and online auctions will see a 16. 9% revenue increase by the end of There is no doubt that E-commerce is taking its turn in the consumer world. Among this research is the corporate giant, -Mart. In this paper we will be discussing the advantages, and the disadvantages of both e-commerce and brick and mortar businesses.

E-commerce Is helping both consumers and companies. Internet business helps the company save money by going online. It also benefits the consumer by allowing them to cut back on gas and other expenses by shopping online. The bigger the company, the bigger the chance that they offer e-commerce as well as a brick and mortar based business. More retailers have begun to view the internet as an opportunity rather than a threat. A consumer can find Just about anything online, from groceries to real estate.

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One of the benefits of e-commerce Is that it is quicker, easier and less expensive to start up and begin trade. E-business has opened new doors to companies looking to compete on both a national level and an international level. E-commerce does have its downsides also. Brick and mortar companies are still thriving. One of the negative qualities of e-commerce is that it does not provide the instant gratification that consumers are seeking. The time that it takes for an item to be shipped after ordering online does not satisfy the need to have a product right at their .

Another downside Is that shopping among brick and mortar companies allows the consumer to Interact with people. The social aspect of hopping is a big part of the reason people shop. The third downside is that online, consumers are less likely to return to a certain site to purchase items again. The attention span of the average online shopper is very short. The forth negativity of e- commerce is that returns and replacements of goods are very complicated.

A lot of returns and replacements require the consumer to pay money to get the item that they originally paid for replaced or returned. The last negative quality of e-business is the Issue of hacking, Identity theft and poor connections. A consumer may feel that heir information is very out on the line via the internet. E-commerce has proved itself beneficial in many ways, but there are certainly downsides too. Many companies have switched to e-commerce only, but -Mart has chosen to maintain a good reputation both online and in-store.

As stated before, there are always downsides to running e-commerce. The Internet is not where -Mart? customer base Is. -Mart caters to large families and people who are not too concerned with time-management. The general online shopper has a greater expandable income and often places more emphasis on saving time. Those are a few negative aspects of e-commerce operation. Taking into consideration the negativisms, -Mart has taken great strides in improving their e- commerce business practice. . COM offers many things online that a lot of recent retailers do not. For example, a consumer Is able to purchase tires online and aspect of e-commerce is the pharmacy and optical parts of the website. On . COM you are able to place your pharmaceutical order online and pick it up at your local -Mart. They also provide the option to view your prescription history ND they have a feature where they will email you when you need a prescription refill. -Mart optical has many of the same features online as the pharmacy.

Another huge development that -Mart has recently acquired is their site-to-store availability. Site-to-store is a great venture for -Mart because it allows the consumer to buy a product off their website and then pick it up at their local store. If the store is out of a product, they recommend you use site to store because they can order virtually anything from their inventory on the internet and you can pick it up on your own time and money. Lastly, . COM offers the option to bring your photos into the store and then view them online after they have been processed.

Through their photo processing, they allow you to e-mail and print photos online. The most recent venture of . COM is their online movie download store. Most closely related with , movie store allows you to rent almost an endless amount of movies at one monthly price with a promise of no late fees. Between e-commerce and brick and mortar, -Mart has taken the most perfect medium between the two. -Mart continues to remain strongly committed to hopping the old fashioned way.

On the front page of their weapon, they offer their consumers a field to place their zip code and . COM will retrieve information about the closest local neighborhood store. In closing, e-commerce and brick and mortar businesses both have their upsides and downsides; the future of e-commerce is looking bright. Companies Just can't? forget to remember where they came from, brick and mortar establishments. A business needs to find a proper median between the two, allowing all types of consumers to be comfortable with both options.