ReligionQuick Fix Mentality
A quick fix mentality is the thought process that individuals go
through to help them get through the problems that they face in life.

Examples of a quick fix mentality are that people take drugs, have casual
sex, speed, gamble, drink and do plenty of other sins to help them feel
better about themselves at the time but this is false happiness or pseudo
happiness which is the happiness that Satan creates to make people feel
content and replace the happiness that God gives us. False happiness or a
quick fix can be found almost anywhere and is portrayed all over the media.

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While researching this topic we have found more quick fixes than we
have ever imagined even existing. There were examples of quick fixes all
over such as alcohol advertisements, cigarette advertisements, birth
control, crest white strips, contact lenses that change your eye color,
steroids, diet pills, lipo-suction, breast implants and advertisements that
used sex to sell their material. Basically everywhere we looked there was
something that was there to help someone quickly fix themselves so that
they were no longer the way they way. The media promotes people to feel
this way too, with their perfect images of the perfect people tries to make
people feel sad and guilty that they too do not look like the people in
these advertisements. Although we think that this is very wrong, we also
sometimes fall victim to it. A Society should not be based on the
appearance of a human being and they should not be told what makes them
happy, yet they should find their happiness in the lord. Mark 8:36 says, "
For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his
soul?" - from the Bible.

This social sin was probably around in the beginning of time and will
probably never end. The society that we live in promotes this certain
social sin everywhere, as I have previously stated, we found plenty of
advertisements for quick fix solutions in one magazine you can at least
find half of these advertisements that display solutions to the problems
that you face in life, but as I read on gbible.org, " Happiness is not
having what you want; it is wanting what you have." This quote basically
says that happiness is not found in getting what you want, but it is
wanting and enjoying the blessings that God has already given you. Also
from gbible.org we go the statement, " Whatever happiness is, it is
something we have with us all the time. It's only in the body to the extent
that the soul is in the body, for happiness is related to the soul and
spirit, to the immaterial parts of man, and is not related to the body at
all." This quote is very intelligent and says that happiness cannot be
found in the material possessions that we have today and it can't be found
in ingesting or injecting drugs, true happiness is directly related to your
spirit and your relationship with the Lord, nothing in the world can make
us as happy as God's happiness can make us.

Solutions to having a quick fix mentality is hard to give advice on
because it is the easiest way out of a situation and nine times out of ten
that is going to be the decision that a person will make because it is the
easiest way to go. If you were to be walking down a path and the path came
to a fork where you see one path that is in the same condition as the path
that you are walking on now and a path that is over grown and obviously has
not been walked on in a while, what path would you choose? Would you not
choose the path that you would not have to wonder where you were going and
you would not have to move grass and overgrown plants to get through? The
typical person would choose the easy way out. The only true advice can be
found in the bible, Hebrews 13:5 "Let your lifestyle be free from the love
for money, being content with what you have. For her Himself has said
(Deuteronomy 31:6) 'I will never leave you nor will I ever forsake you.'"
We should find our happiness in the Lord and in no other material
possessions, although, from gbible.org, "There is nothing wrong with money;
it is necessary to live. However, if money becomes your master, you become
a pitiful slave to money. Money was not designed to bring happiness." "So
your lifestyle is to be free from the love for money." Happiness is found
in God and will never be found on earth, therefore my only advice for you
is to turn to the Lord for your happiness and not what the media tells you
what will make you happy.

The quick fix mentality is a sin and is portrayed all over society in
advertisement, television, on the Internet and in movies. The social sin
will never be abolished as long as companies can profit off of it. The fact
that people do not feel adequate because of advertisements make them desire
the quick fix method and therefore will never end unless everyone can turn
their eyes on the Lord. Do not fall victim to the advertisement in society
and the idea that material objects can ever make you happy.