John is the son of the Director and Linda. John is one of the protagonists who have grown outside of the World State. He spends his life at his village at the New Mexico Savage Reservation. He doesn’t fit to the World Sate society. For John, life is a problem reconciling different worlds. John has interest in the Indian religion ritual. However, he is not allowed to participate in their rituals. This shows the cultural divide between him and the World State society because Bernard and Lenina see the tribal ritual as disgusting. John is rejected by the savage Indian culture and the civilized World State culture. Read History of Short Story essay.

John is a devoutly religious man. John believes in the soul. He’s concerned about what will happen to him after death. There would be no reason to do anything without God or without the soul. However, with God, with the soul, there is a reason to struggle for the benefits of the long term. John is inspired by William Shakespeare. He is able to verbalize his emotions and reactions. John is relatable to the male protagonist in Shakespeare’s plays. Such as Romeo from, Romeo and Juliet. John is isolated from the others and is different. At times he is clueless due to the knowledge he knows.

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John is very optimistic about the World State. John is an outsider in the novel and is neither part of the World State or into the reservation camps. John meets Bernard and Lenina at the reservation camp. John seems to like Bernard because he is able to speak and express himself to him. He still feels isolated and rejected because his mother slept with some many other men. John seems to like Lenina. When he is asked to go on a trip to London, he asks Bernard for Lenina to come with them. John seems to be very special and unordinary compared to other people.