Book Siddhartha And Movie The RazorS Edge The book Siddhartha and the movie The Razor's Edge are two similar yet different stories. Each these two works explore man's search for truth, self, and life's true meaning. The main characters of these stories are very different people, yet they are in search of similar goals. The main character of Siddhartha is Siddhartha. The main character of The Razor's Edge is Larry Darryl.

Larry and Siddhartha go through several stages of their lives, which range from rich to poor and back again. Siddhartha was a Brahmin's son, of the upper class in India. He is loved throughout his community. He is revered by all that knows him. He spends his day in meditation and thought.

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He brings joy to all, but in his heart & soul he isn't happy. He feels that he can learn any more from the wise men of his village because he has acquired all of their knowledge and they don't know everything. Most importantly they do not know Atman. A group of Samanas enters his village and intrigues him. He decides to leave his village to become a Samana.

He tells his best friend Govinda and he decides to come too, but first Siddhartha must tell his father. He goes one day to tell his father, but his father won't allow it. Siddhartha stands in his father all night until his father lets him go. When Siddhartha and Govinda join they began to learn their "tricks." Siddhartha lived without possessions or a home. He learned to fast, think, and wait.

He began exiting his body through meditation and entering objects and animals. Soon he realizes that he must leave because they are only learning to escape pain (Self), and they can't teach him any more. When he and Govinda leave Govinda tells Siddhartha of Gotama (the enlightened one) and they go to see him. When Govinda leaves he tells the leader of the Samanas and he becomes angered. Siddhartha hypnotizes (a trick that he learned from the Samanas) the leader and he allows them to leave.

They find Gotama and all of his followers in Jetavana grove. They are taken by his enlightened aura. After hearing him speak Govinda swears allegiance to Gotama. Siddhartha takes everything that Gotama says to heart, but realizes that he must follow his own path. Siddhartha begins to look at the world differently. He isn't concerned with the other realm he begins to focus on the world as it is.

He crosses a river and stays the night in a ferryman's hut. He begins to dream about women, and yearns for the woman's touch. He meets a prostitute named Kamala. He wants to be with her but he is not yet worthy. She sends Siddhartha to meet a merchant named Kamaswami.

Kamaswami hires Siddhartha and he becomes a merchant. Siddhartha is very good and gains wealth. He begins to visit Kamala and she teaches him her art of love. As time goes on he begins to forget the teachings of the Samanas. He begins to gamble and squander his money.

A deep discontent for his life grows in him. He leaves the town and returns to the river without telling Kamala. He wants to throw himself in the river, but before he did he heard the holy "Om" from within and stopped himself. He then falls asleep and when he woke up Govinda was there. Govinda didn't realize who Siddhartha was. Siddhartha revealed himself and Govinda rejoiced. As they part Siddhartha feels reborn.

Siddhartha meets up with the ferryman he met when he first came to the river. His name is Vasudeva. Siddhartha begins to live with Vasudeva. Vasudeva teaches him the secrets of the river. When it is spread that Gotama is dying lots of people go to see him. Kamala and her son (Samsara) travel to see him.

When a snake bites her she is brought to Vasudeva's hut, there she is reunited with Siddhartha. Siddhartha finds out that Kamala's son is his son too. When she died their son stays with Siddhartha and Vasudeva. Samsara is spoiled and hates living by the river so he run's away. Siddhartha gives chase but gave up when he realized he must let go has is father did him. He again meets Govinda when Govinda goes to visit him.

Govinda again didn't realize who Siddhartha was. Govinda begs Siddhartha for wisdom. Siddhartha says that his wisdom can't be express through words. Govinda kisses Siddhartha on his head and departs. As he leaves he sees vision centered on Siddhartha. He then realizes that Siddhartha is the Buddha and bows then shed tears. Siddhartha stood there with a serene smile.

Larry Darryl is young man from Lake Forest, Illinois. He is a very happy-go lucky person. He goes to World War 1 with his best friend Gray. He leaves behind a fianc named Isabel. There his commander Piedmont showed him a lot.

Enemy forces killed Piedmont. It really affected Larry. When he got back from the war he was very distant and it bothered Isabel. He lost his sense of humor and seemed very serious. He asked her to postpone the wedding because he needed time to think. He went to Paris to find himself.

Elliot Templeton arranges for Larry to travel to Paris. Larry takes a job packing fish. Isabel comes and finds out what he's doing then she decides to leave him. He starts working at a coal mine and saves a man from a runaway car. The man invited Larry over for a drink and Larry accepts. The man recommended that Larry read the Upanishads and visits India if he wanted answers. Larry went to India.

Larry meets a man washing dishes in the river. As he talks with the man he realizes he is wise, and they go to a temple in the mountains. Larry meditates and listens to the lama. One day the lama sent him to a hut to meditate. At the hut he begins to understand that he can't just read he must act.

He leaves so he can practice his faith in the world. When he goes back to Paris he finds out that Isabel married Gray. He helped Gray get out of his depression. The three of them met up with Sophie. Sophie is an old friend whose life is going down the drain after her family was killed. He and Sophie begin a romance and plan to be married.

Isabel is upset about the announcement and drives Sophie to drink. Sophie is murdered and Elliot Templeton dies from a stroke. Larry begins to realize that no matter how you live your life there is no earthly reward, he then goes back to America. Each story is it's own yet the same. Larry wants to feel fulfilled in life and he is searching for a way to do so. Siddhartha wants to become enlightened. Each trekked through India searching for answers.

Larry and Siddhartha were both of the upper class. Both men were loved by all who came into contact with them. They both forged special relationships with women living unholy lives. Each walked out on their respective lives in search of truth. Both men reduced their living standards by freewill at one point in their lives.

Certain teachers/guides have helped them find enlightenment. Each man learned and practiced a form of meditation. The two men were very similar and were after similar goals, they just took different paths. The Razor's Edge and Siddhartha are two works that take you on life journeys. I really didn't see any similarities the first time I saw the movie, but the next time I watched it I really noticed the similarities.

In the end they both found enlightenment in some way. Larry realized there were no rewards in life and Siddhartha became Buddha. Book Reports.