The following questions represent typical the typical sought after information when attending an interview for a Business Objects Web Intelligence Reporting role: 1. How would you describe Web Intelligence? A. A tool designed for query/data extraction, reporting, analysis and export Into other formats. 2. What Is a SAP Business Objects universe and how does It fit In with Web Intelligence Reporting? . The universe represents the semantic layer over the database; it contains one or more connections to data sources, you can link able graphically and set up business friendly named objects that point to the columns of tables. These objects can be used by a report writer to query the databases and write reports using Business Friendly objects; this creates SQL in the background without the user requiring SQL knowledge. 3.

What are the components of a universe in SAP BOO version 4? C. Connections, Data Foundation, Data Foundation Views, Business Layer and Business Layer views 4. What Is a data provider? D. A data provider represents the refreshable results from a query. From the data provider, a number of blocks and report tabs can be created within a document. . What standard presentation styles are available? E. Table, Crossbar, Form and any number of Charts.

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