Bridgette Roberson Introduction to Marketing Mar 301 ID: 0447715 Final Project Blue Mountain Spring Water, Inc. Three Year Marketing Plan III. Blue Mountain Spring Water I. Opportunities ( external factors) A. The opportunity to ultilize the latest technology for distribution and marketing. B. Expand outside of regional markets to other select markets but avoid mass marketing C. Blue Mountain has no debt therefore it can expand its R&D (research and development) to increase public knowledge about health benefits of purified water versus tap. D.

Ther is an opportunity to to expand without the added expense of acquiring additional real estate II. Threats A. New competitors entering the market especially manufactures of bottle containers that are environmentally friendly and disposable filtration products. B. Economic recession- The current economic recession has no predicted end date and the reality is tap water is cheaper than bottled water. C. The constant changing taste of consumers. Consumers don’t just want purified water but also other benefits such as flavored water and water that provides vitamin and energy Target Market

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A combination of concentrated Marketing approach and micro marketing would be used to target buyers. Concentrated Marketing (niche marketing) would consist of marketing efforts that focus on fulfilling the needs of a single market segment. A concentrated marketing approach is beneficial to Blue Mountain Spring Water because it will allow Blue Mountain Spring Water to invest monies without seeking outside financial support. Demographic segmentation approach would be effective in pinpointing customers 18 & 49 and the increasing 65 and over customer.

Micro Marketing Micro marketing will target customers though zip codes, occupation and lifestyle. There are sixty-seven counties located in Pennsylvania, three of which are in the 100 richest counties in the country. Zip codes suc as 15217 Allegheny County, 17112 Harrisburg,17007 Cumberland and Dauphin that have an average income of 49,520. In addition geographical segmentation will inclue the 24 colleges and universities thoughout the western and central part of Pennsiyvania.

Expansion will be gradual and in corporate the counties Delaware Valley, which is composed of suburban Philadelphia, and is located in a wealth corridor that runs from the suburbs of Washington, DC all the way into southern New Hampshire. In contrast to the Delaware Valley, the wealthy Pittsburgh neighborhoods are more condensed into small locations, while the wealthy Philadelphia communities spread out over four counties (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery) and within the city’s borders (List of Pennsylvania counties by per capita income, 2011). I. Pricing Strategy

The Blue Mountain Spring Water brand will be prestige objective focus. It is after all the micron filtration ozonation in addition to the use of ultraviolet light during the bottling process that that sets Blue Mountain apart from its competitiors. The quality of Blue Mountain spring Water is what sets it apart from its competitors and is why Blue Mountain Spring water may cost more. Blue Mountain Spring Water has made a commitment to innovative producing and marketing superior quality, reasonably priced spring water products which their consumers can enjoy.

In addition, Blue Mountain Spring water is committed to producing products in an eco- friendly environment while continually exploring recyclable and bio gradable bottles and packaging. The profitability objectives will use a target- return objective approach which allows Blue Mountain to compute the price of its product by the amount of profit that is planned times the amount of bottle water that is sold. Although Blue Mountain Spring Water has obtained sales increases in the double digits with the exception of 2008.

It will not take a market share objective approach. A Market to share objective approach would involve mass producing which is something Blue Mountain Spring Water wishes to avoid. In order to meet competition objectives, Blue Mountain Spring Water will continue to price its water at a reasonable competitive price. In fact, price changes can have a negative effect on profit margins. Often there is an increase in sales but also other components of the supply chain are negatively effective. II.

Am not interested in a career in marketing. I am only taking this course to satisfy a requirement to obtain my Bachelor Science in Business Administration. However, I do understand the importance that marketing plays in a firm’s success. The two marketing careers I found interesting are: Career path 7: Marketing and research analysts and career path 8: Logistics: Materials Receiving, Scheduling, Dispatching, and Distributing Occupations. Why: I currently work in dispatching 150 drivers every day.

My duties include ensuring all deliveries and pick-ups are made on time. Along with making sure drivers get back to the hub in time for the air packages that they have in trucks to be unloaded then dispatched to air trailers. I also am knowledgeable of the several computer programs which allow me to obtain information on where drivers located. In addition, I am responsible for compiling data from customer and 3rd party sources and investigating any issues that are ranked 5 and above. I have completed an 18 unit certificate in Operations Management.

I am currently I am working toward my associates in business administration with a completion date of December 2012. I plan to continue my education by working towards completing my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. Distribution Blue Mountain wills a contractual distribution system in place which will allow it to obtain more retail shelf space. This needs to be explained more clearly. Blue Mountain will have a, producer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer transport distribution system set-up.

Why would you need a wholesaler? What does the Blue Mountain say about the importance of the contact between its sales personnel and customers? You need to be sure to take the scenario situation and the owners’ goals and preferences into account for each strategy in this Marketing Plan. Blue Mountain will expand marketing to include more advertising to colleges and university campus stores and also local entertainment venues. The television, radio and some internet advertising will be used to attract new customers.

This is part of the promotional strategy, not the distribution strategy. Promotional aspects are part of Assignment 9. Works Cited city data. com. (2003-2011). Retrieved February 24, 2012, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: http://www. city-data. com/city/Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania. html List of Pennsylvania counties by per capita income. (2011, August 6). Retrieved February 24, 2012, from Wikipedia: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_Pennsylvania_counties_by_per_capita_income