United Kingdom, August 11th, 2014 – Blockchain Reaches Milestone with 2 Million Wallet Users

Blockchain announced that their popular bitcoin wallet surpassed two million users, making them the first company in the industry to celebrate this major milestone.

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“Not only is this milestone indicative of the public’s interest and belief in the importance of cryptocurrency, it’s also a testament to the quality, stability and usability that Blockchain’s wallet is able to provide to consumers at large,” says Blockchain CEO Nicolas Cary.

“Now, with over two million users on our wallet, it’s reaching mass relevance.”

Earlier this summer, Blockchain released an update to their Android wallet. With features like a bitcoin merchant directory, and address book integration to enable simple peer­to­peer transactions, the new Blockchain Android wallet is designed to make bitcoin more accessible to everyday users.

The new iOS Wallet has been completely re­written from the ground up with an emphasis on security and usability.

A beautiful and simple user experience has been designed to make Bitcoin easier than ever to use for new consumers around the world.

Blockchain has another app on iOS, called ZeroBlock, but that app provides only price quotes, some charting features, and a news feed. It doesn’t allow users to access their accounts.

Blockchain reached 1 million wallet users in January 2014, but after the iOS wallet was re­launched in the Apple App store in late July, wallet downloads exploded ­­ over 41,000 downloads within the first week of reinstatement.

“This really signals Apple’s commitment to supporting developers on Bitcoin related projects – it’s very encouraging” said Blockchain CEO Nicolas Cary.