Mean girls Opening image: The first image seen is of a girl's parent's telling their daughter goodbye and to have a good first day at school. The girl's mother is crying because unlike most kids her daughter has never been to a real school. She is sixteen years old and has been homesteaded all her life. Theme stated: "l had a lot of friends in Africa. But so far, none in Evanston. " This line basically foreshadows how she has no friends at her new school so far...

Which tells us she will meet new friends and people and that we'll Just have to wait and find out whom and how it goes. Setup: In the first ten minutes of the movie we learn that Caddy is our main character and she has moved from Africa. Her and her parent's have been living in Africa until her mom got offered tenure at Northwestern University and moved from Africa. The daughter almost gets hit by a school bus when crossing the road and it showed how nervous and scared her parent's were. Caddy is now attending her first school because she used to be homesteaded.

She has orange hair, she's naturally beautiful and she's smart. Caddy meets two new friends called Janis and Domain (too gay to function) who how her around the school and make a seating plan of all the different cliques such as: freshmen, ROTC guys, preps, JP Socks, Asian nerds, cool Asians, varsity Socks, unfriendly black hotels, girls who eat their feelings, girls who don't eat anything, desperate wannabe, burnouts, sexually active band geeks, Janice and Domain (a. K. A the greatest people you'll ever meet) and the "plastics".

You see how the plastics are the three girls Regina George, Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners, who rule the school; they are teen royalty and are the most popular girls at Rosewood High. We earn from Janice that Regina George is your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut-faced ho-bag; Karen Smith is one of the dumbest girls you will ever meet and Gretchen Wieners knows everything about everyone. We learn that Janice doesn't have a good relationship with Regina because apparently she ruined Séance's life by starting a rumor that wasn't true.

The setting takes place at school which includes outside, classrooms, hallway, the bathroom, the gym and the cafeteria. Catalyst: The catalyst is when the plastics ask Caddy to sit with them at lunch. Meanwhile Janice and Domain are waiting for her to sit with them and when they pot Caddy they are confused. The plastics ask Caddy questions such as where she came from and were amazed on how she's never been to a real school before. Regina comes to a decision that she wants Caddy to sit with them for the rest of the week and gives Caddy no chance to say no.

They also explain how it's a rare thing that they ever let anyone Join them. Debate: At first Janice gets very angry because she sees how manipulative Regina is and gets furious because of something that has happened in the past between her and Regina. After a bit of time she finds it amusing and Loris's since she thinks that if Caddy spied on them and filled her in on everything teen salad It cool a De like a Tuna I Title experiment. Cay Is contused Ana ones up agreeing to go on with this plan since she's not really left with any option.

Break into two: The break into two happens when Caddy is leaving the party when she see's Regina kiss Aaron. Caddy realizes Regina isn't so sweet after all and that she is a life- runner and a slut. Caddy confesses to Regina that she was into Region's ex-boyfriend Aaron and Regina says she's fine with it and that she will talk to Aaron. B Story: The eve story in this movie is between Caddy and Aaron. Caddy has fallen in love with him since the first day she laid eyes on him which was in math class. This is Caddy second crush and the first one didn't go so well since the guy rejected her and they were only five years old.

Aaron has a crush on her too, he invites her to a Halloween party and hints out he's interested in her because he told her "That flier admits one person only, so don't bring some other guy with you. " When Aaron said that it became obvious they had mutual feelings. It was going good until Regina decided to peak to Aaron at the Halloween party and lied to him saying that Caddy was crazy and obsessed with him, here are some examples "l know she's kind of socially retarded and weird, but she's my friend, so Just promise me you won't make fun of her. " "She's like a little girl. She, like, writes all over her notebook, "Mrs..

Aaron Samuels. " And she made this T-shirt that says "l heart Aaron" and she wears it under all her clothes. " And "And K, look, I'm not saying she's a stalker, but she saved this Kleenex you used and she said she's going do some kind of African voodoo with it to make you like her. Regina then kissed them, after all these lies Aaron became a bit freaked out (but we can tell he likes Caddy) and starts dating Regina. Aaron offers to tutor Caddy aftershock and agrees to not tell Regina Just in case she'd be mad. While tutoring they kiss and then breakaway because he doesn't find it fair for Regina.

Caddy has a huge party and lots of people went including Aaron. When Aaron finds himself upstairs in Caddy room he stares at a photo of Caddy when she was younger on an elephant. Aaron smiles helplessly and a song starts playing. Now that everything in the break into here is done, Aaron smiles when Caddy is going to try something new and not talk behind anyone's back and when she gets a 98 in a math test Aaron says "Welcome back nerd" with a smile. It was clear that Aaron was still interested in Caddy. At the end of the movie Caddy get's the boy of her dream Aaron. They slow dance, kiss and have a good time.

Fun and games: The fun and games consists of ways to sabotage Regina George. Caddy doesn't believe Janice when she has nothing good to say about her until she realizes that Regina isn't what she seems. Aaron invites Caddy to a Halloween party ND Regina got Jealous and decided to talk bad about Caddy making her look like a stalker. Regina saw that she was staring and kissed Aaron to pips her off. Caddy then realized how much of a bitchy Regina was and left the party and went to Séance's house. She arrives there crying and Janice makes a plan to get revenge on Regina.

Janice refers Regina as the "evil dictator", the plan consists of three recourses that they will try and cut off so Regina will no longer have anything. They want to cut off: Aaron Samuels, her "hot body' and last but not least her army of shanks. Caddy ends p agreeing with Janice that Regina is anything but good. Now they will plot revenge and Caddy will pretend as if nothing is wrong for this plan to work. Regina talks about now seen Is Dreading out Decease AT ten cranberry Julie sine's Eden rallying Ana Cay jumped at that situation saying she had a special cream to help it.

She and Janice make a cream using foot cream and other stuff thinking it would make it worse backfired on them. The cream made her smell like peppermint which made Aaron like it and kiss her more. When Regina was in gym class Janice snuck into the locker mom and cut two circles in each boob spot on her tank top thinking it would embarrass her. The opposite happen, she didn't care and the next day of school all the girls came to school with two cut out circles on their tops. Nothing was working and it began frustrating the girls.

Caddy starts thinking more and more and realizes that if she cracked Gretchen she could find out everything about Regina. Gretchen knew everything about everyone which made it easier to take down Regina. When Caddy was talking to Regina she finds out that Regina doesn't send candy grams and instead she receives them. Caddy buys three candy grams, one for herself addressed from Regina (in reality it was Caddy), One for Regina and one for Karen addressed from Regina (in reality it was Caddy). When the candy grams are given Gretchen receives none and gets extremely nosy and Jealous when Caddy gets one.

Gretchen asks Caddy who it was from and when she reads the card "Thanks for being such a great friend. Love, Regina. " Now that Gretchen thought Regina was mad at her the secrets started pouring out and all that was left was to wait for one they could use. Gretchen cracks and the secrets are not out into Caddy hands. Gretchen admits a lot f secrets and then finally she spilled one that they could use. This secret could take away Aaron; Regina is cheating on him for a guy named Shame Oman and they hookup every Thursday in the projection room.

Now all that was left for him to find out and he would be gone. Aaron offers to tutor Caddy aftershock and Caddy accidental spilled how Regina was cheating on him and now he breaks up with her. Caddy and Janice realize how to ruin Region's "Hot body', Caddy starts giving her these Killeen bars which will make her gain weight like crazy. Caddy mother used to give these to the kids in Africa to make them gain weight. Later on Regina and the girls go to a store to go get a dress that Regina put on hold.

The problem was that the store only carried 1, 3 and 5 and the dress that was on hold was a 5 and didn't fit anymore. Regina was getting frustrated and curious but Caddy lied saying that this was the process of the bars first you'd gain water weight and then it would all burn off and turn into muscle. Regina has now lost her "hot body', Aaron Samuels and last but not least her "army of shanks". Gretchen and Karen stood up to her when she was violating one of the dress rules, On Mondays you're not allowed to wear sweatpants ND since Regina was she was told to eat somewhere else.

Regina is surprised, she tells them Mimi can walk home bitched" and then accidental bumps into a really obese girl and the girl yells "Watch where you're going fats" and the cafeteria burst into laughter. Midpoint: The midpoint of the movie is when Caddy finds herself as the queen bee. Gretchen and Karen are following Caddy out the school doors asking their plans for the weekend. Caddy seems confused and says how she has to go Madison with her parent's. The girls were disappointed and confused and Caddy tells them she can try and get out of it.

Caddy realizes she is now center of attention. Bad guys close in: Caddy was suppose to go to Mailman's Walt nerd parent's out Instead seen got out AT It so seen could throw a party and be with the plastics (Gretchen and Karen) though she hadn't invited Regina, Janice or Domain. The same weekend was also her real friend Séance's Art show which she said she couldn't go because of the trip to Madison. Little did Janice or Domain know that she ditched them for people who weren't even her real friends? Regina hears that Caddy was having a party and didn't invite her and gets furious.

Caddy and Aaron were in Caddy room and Aaron realizes Caddy is like a clone of Regina. Caddy was no more that sweet innocent girl anymore she was a bitchy! Now that she thought she was cool and everything she thought she could have everyone in her power. Caddy makes a stupid mistake by telling Aaron she couldn't talk to him because he was like Region's property and tells him to shut up. Caddy ends up vomiting on him when Regina walks into the room seeing them together and screams "WHAT THE HELL". Aaron leaves and Caddy runs after him outside but he wasn't turning back. Caddy is everything she didn't want to be.

She started ditching her old friends Janice and Ian for girls who didn't even care about her. She tried so hard for nothing, she couldn't stop she became a plastic. Janice and Domain drive over to Caddy because Janice had one at the art show with a picture she made of Caddy, Domain and herself. When she arrives there she sees Caddy outside and the party she calls Caddy a "you dirty little liar" and Caddy tells her it's not what it looks like. Caddy says how she couldn't invite them because she had to pretend she was plastic and Janice says "hey, buddy, you're not pretending anymore".

It was true Caddy wasn't pretending anymore she was harsh, she was a plastic. Caddy asks her why she's so in love with err and that really pushed Séance's and Damson's buttons. Why? Because the thing is with plastics they think everyone loves them but in reality everyone hates them. That's it, they're gone, and they drive away and leave Caddy. Then on Region's way home she gets even more passed off because as she's eating a Killeen bar her boyfriend Shame asked her why she was eating those since his coach used to make everyone on the football team eat them if they wanted to move up a weight class.

Now Regina was angrier and sit was going to go down. She goes home screaming, smacks her light, she takes out the burn book (A book were the plastic wrote mean ND nasty comments about people), cuts a photo of herself and writes on a page "This girl is the nastiest sank bitchy I've ever met. Do not trust her. She is a fuggy slut! " and then glues the photo of herself. The next day she brings the burn book to the principal crying claiming she found it in the bathroom. The burn book has everyone in it except for three people: Gretchen, Karen and Caddy.

The girls get called into the principals office claiming they didn't own the book and that it was Region's. All is lost: In this scene Regina had made copies and duplicates of every page and while everyone was in class she threw them in the hallways, stuck them on lockers and put them under classroom doors. The bell rings and all the students are picking up papers reading stuff about themselves and others. Fights are happening because they are wondering who started these rumors about them and their getting very angry. Regina is standing at a distance watching everyone amused.

Janice picks up a paper and reads that Domain is "too gay to function" and was mad because she was the only one allowed to say that. She told Caddy that once and well you can already guess who wrote that in the book Caddy. All the girls are going crazy, they're shoving, name calling Ana screaming. Nine principal sees all AT tons unappealing Ana spots a girl's hood hanging off the doormen and goes to help her and she kicks him. Now he's passed and smashes the emergency fire pull and says that all the girls must report to the gymnasium.

Dark night of the soul all the girls are very angry during this situation, they have been hurt by the burn book. Caddy math teacher Ms. Nurture decides to speak to the girls and tells them to do a couple of exercises such as closing their eyes and raising their hands if they've ever had a girl say something ad about them behind their back and everyone raised their hands. Then she told them to do the same thing this time raise their hands if they've ever said something behind someone's back and again everyone raised their hands.

Regina didn't want to participate and said "Can I Just say that we don't have a clique problem at this school? And some of us shouldn't have to take this workshop, because some of us are just victims in this situation" and because of that Ms. Nurture made the girls raise their hands if they've ever felt personally victimized by Regina and everyone including the teachers raised their hands. After that exercise Ms. Nurture made the girls write up apologies to the person they've ever hurt and read it in front of everyone. The break into three is when Janice gets up on the stage and tells her apology and that's when the truth got out.

Janice talks about how her and her new friend Caddy decided to mess up Region's life. She talks about how Caddy pretended to be Region's friend and then used to go back to Séance's house and laugh about all the stupid stuff Regina would say. She admitted how Caddy kissed Region's boyfriend and convinced him to break up with her, that they gave her these bars to make her gain a to of weight, turned her friends against her and that they gave her foot cream instead of face wash. Everyone started laughing and was cheering on Janice. Break into three: After the big confession Regina storms out and Caddy follows her.

Regina starts saying how no one likes Caddy, that she's a homesteaded Jungle freak and a less hot version of herself. Everyone comes outside and watches and Regina gets hit by a bus. Rumors start going around that Caddy pushed her and that her head went all around. Finale: Caddy mom now hates her and Caddy is failing math. Caddy admits to writing in the burn book that her teacher Ms. Nurture is a drug dealer after the cops had searched her house. Ms. Nurture wasn't very impressed but forgave Caddy under one condition that she Joins the matchless (It's a math competition against other schools).

The matchless is on the same night as spring fling. Caddy wins the matchless by answering the last question which made them win because before it was a tie break. Caddy matchless team and teacher convince her to go to the spring fling even though she was grounded because she deserved it. Caddy and Shame win spring fling. Caddy gives a speech about how a lot of people hate her, how she's really sorry for all the people whose feelings got hurt from the burn book and that is was Just a stupid crown and she thought everyone deserved.

She broke the crown in pieces and gave a piece to Janice, Regina and others. Her parent's look at her and smile because they are proud of her. Caddy gets the boy she likes. The plastics breakup, Regina does sports to get her anger out, Karen now does the weather announcement, Karen alone a new clique Ana Decade Ana Tuna a new queen Dee to serve, Aaron goes to northwestern but Caddy still gets to see him on weekends, Caddy went to being Just a normal human being and Janice has a boyfriend. All the drama from last year wasn't important anymore and girl world was now at peace.

Final image: The final image is of the new set of Junior plastics that get hit by a bus, Just kidding they stepped back before they got hit. When Caddy saw them she thought "Finally girl world was at peace and if any freshmen tried to disturb that peace... Well, let's Just say we knew how to take care of it. Just kidding" The final image contrast with its opening image because it was like rewinding and showing the old plastics and how everything began Just a bunch of girls unprepared for what's to come.