in the 60's when blacks where fighting for their freedom rights they did all kinds of things to prove that they were going to get what they wanted. The bladck freedom movements were lead by a man named Martin luther king Jr. he strongly believed that all men were equal no matter what they looked like. He lead no-violence protests. the blacks gained many rights this way but suffered alot. they were thrown in jail and they were murdered. Some of the things they did included sit-in's where they sat in all white resturants and didnj't move no matter the whites did to them. they also led freedom marches, such as the salem freedom march ect. they also sued to get their children in all white schools. such as the danial green story. him and 9 other balck students went to the all white school. this started many riots, alot by the mothers. they ended up lasting but had a very hard time. they went through a lot of trial to get what they wanted. Alot of the southern cities and states eventually gave in but some did not. the black people where not always non violtent however, a man named Malcome x came a long and led the balck panthers. they believed that balcks needed to fight to get what they wanted. This did help a little but it mostly made it worse for the balcks. To this day blacks are still fighting for freedom. Although it is garentied by law that they are treated equal, their is still a big problem with racism. Blacks have always been a big part of the american culture. they helped us in many ways to learn and to grow. and even though they were treated so badly they have gained rights and are gaing more to this very day.

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