After adequate investigation of the matter, it was found that accuser was correct and there was a valid reason for suspicion.

A media contacted Black Arrow to have some quotes and detailed explanation from the company.

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Alex B, member of the Black Arrow Sales Team, answered with quotes. He explained the company’s perspective and their actions too.

All the collected information from both accuser and accused company’s side were posted together to give reader a complete idea. Although the tone of the article was unbiased the accuser had more evidences than the company.

It all started in 21 September 2013 when Black Arrow launched their web-store and offered options for pre-orders. It was promised that the Bitcoin mining hardware would be delivered by February 2014.

However, they failed to arrange the miners by the promised time and delivery was delayed by 6 months. Customers demanded a refund. The company issued some but refused to refund some customers.

Black Arrow posted on on 5 March 2014 that they were unable to refund everyone at the time. They promised to refund by May but they failed to meet that aim too.

Many users informed that even though they filed for refund, they were ignored and the miner was delivered anyways. They had no way to send it back and ask for refund.

Recently, many of these people have been deleted from various forums. They actively warned others about the company and as a consequence got censored. Black Arrow thinks competitors are paying these individuals.

Several individuals volunteered to say that they were never paid to post deterring comments about Black Arrow. They are very disappointed.

Another accusation was that a X3 miner caught fire. The customer who faced this problem shared pictures with CNN. It is assumed that the PSUs in the X3 miners are not original.

Black Arrow responded to the different allegations in their own way.

When asked if they use PSUs that aren’t genuine, they stressed that there was no evidence of the happening other than a few pictures of the Black Arrow assembly line.

While Black Arrow offered a believable reason behind censoring users from various, the explanation for the miner that caught fire wasn’t satisfactory. They tried to recreate the scene and failed. That does not seem like a valid explanation.

The CE certification comment described that counterfeit PSUs were used in the X3 miner. The company denied taking responsibility for this too. In their defence they said that they had no idea that the supplier gave them fake PSUs.

From the comments and statement Black Arrow is posting, it is quite difficult to trust them. The accusing parties have good evidences against the company. There is high competition in the market and Black Arrow needs to thrive harder to survive.