New Generation of Bitcoin Mining Chip BM1384

It is reported that BITMAIN has released its 3rd generation bitcoin mining ASIC, the BM1384.

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The BM1384 is 28nm process chip, which hash rate of every single chip can reach as high as 22 GH/s, while the power consumption is only 0.448 W/GH/s.

It is no doubt that the BM1384 is a significant milestone in the process of bitcoin industry. The AntMiner S5, which is based on BM1384, is now in stocked.

Leading Technology: Another Star Product of Bitcoin Mining ASIC

Achieve a win-win situation between the performance and the power consumption is the core purpose of bitcoin mining chip. The lower power consumption of the unit hash rate, the lower maintenance fee will be paid.

That is to say, the more hash rate will be deployed with the same power.

The BM1384 provides significant improvements over the previous BM1382 chip, its hash rate per mm2 at voltage 0.75V has been increased over 20% while reducing power consumption by 30%.

Compared with other existed ASIC products in the Bitcoin mining market, the BM1384 has leading advantages on power efficiency and integration. The BM1384 is another star product of bitcoin mining ASIC.

From Great to Excellent: Consistence and Absorption Leads to High Quality

BITMAIN is an IC design company which was founded in early 2013. BITMAIN is Beijing-based and has remote teams with a global focus.

In November 2013, Bitmain released BM1380, its 1st bitcoin mining ASIC, which was the world’s most advanced bitcoin mining chips.

The AntMiner S1 based on BM1380 was the annual classical bitcoin mining products in 2013. June 2014, BITMAIN released BM1382, and the AntMiner S3 based on BM1382, both were model products.

Now, Bitmain releases the BM1384, and the AntMiner S5 is on sale now. “All technical myths are derived from consistence and absorption.

Consistence and absorption leads to excellence, so do we. BITMAIN will continue to invest in chip development and master the core technology to get lasting competitiveness.” said by the Director of Marketing, BITMAIN.

Hashnest - Cloud Mining Cheapest Hashrate

Bitmain supports, which is based on real mining rig and actual output. The biggest advantages of are the stable earnings, low maintenance cost and the safety & integrity of capital.

The hash rate distribution of HASTNEST is based on the actual hash rate and real output.

Hashnest provides a flexible exit for end-users, as every day, the cloud mining hashing power owners will receive the mining revenue based on the real output of their own hash rate. Users can monitor the hash rate in the mining pool from HASHNEST platform in real-time.

Since its launch, Hashnest has had the largest Hashrate trading volume, with a daily trading volume of 700Th/s, more than 6 times the volume on with only 112Th/s.

Hashnest offers the cheapest hashrate among the globle cloud hashing market, as it is currently selling 1 Th/s for 1.125 BTC, while the second best offer of the industry comes from and costs 1.13258 BTC per Th/s.