The launch of BitCharities later this month will give those in the Bitcoin community the opportunity to freely donate to charities by using Bitcoin.

Lately, there has been a rise in the use of Bitcoin for philanthropic purposes. Social good, in a way similar to Bitcoin, should not be restricted by geographical boundaries, nor should it be limited by donation fees.

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In order to assist these two communities in coming together, BitLanders has launched its new website BitCharities with the goal of educating its 500,000 strong user base along with the rest of world about Bitcoin. also wants to bring non-profits into the world of cryptocurrency. is a digital platform whose user base is rewarded with Bitcoin for sharing, creating, and engaging digital content.

Developed in New York and designed in Italy, BitLanders claims to have 500,000 users with 180 million friends and fans worldwide.

Content creators on BitLanders are ranked based on their BuzzScore, a proprietary algorithm that calculates the quality, engagement, influence, and reach of the posts by content creators.

BitLanders was launched last year by MTI USA Inc., the original holding company started in the mid-90s by Tommasso and Francesco Rulli.

BitCharities is providing a user-friendly platform, giving digital citizens the chance to donate to charities using Bitcoin regardless of their income level.

BitCharities’ ultimate aim is to bring social responsibility opportunities to people living all over the world. People can support a charity of their choice on BitCharities with micro-donations as low as as 10 satoshis (1/500 of a cent).

Users of BitLanders can also display for their favorite charities through their avatars by using free accessories containing the logos of the non-profit organizations.

BitCharities and BitLanders are encouraging users to donate more Bitcoin to charities by rewarding those who donate with bonus Bitcoin that they can use to further aid their favorite charities.

Up till now, over 20 leading non-profits- including Americares, GMRF, and Action Against Hunger, have joined BitCharities. Presently, 7000 donations are made on BitCharities every day.

A list of all the charities that have signed up to the platform can be found here.