Bitcurex, a polish bitcoin exchange, was apparently under hacking attack on Friday morning. Both the Zloty and Euro exchanges are now offline, and users report seeing the prices of bitcoin shoot up shortly beforehand, suggesting that the site’s coins were removed.

The company declared in an official statement having blocked the attack and keep majority of funds intact. Only a wallet for operating funds has suffered from the attack.

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Bitcurex did publish a statement

We successfully blocked a hacking attack on Bitcurex, preventing mass theft of BTC funds of our users. Thanks to automatic safety procedures, hackers managed to defraud only a portion of the funds stored in operational Hot Wallet Bitcurex. The majority of funds from Hot Wallet, as well the entirety of funds from Cold Wallet and FIAT monetary funds remained intact.

Our team located and removed the source of the problem. We are working on resuming normal service, at the same time an external audit is being conducted: we will soon provide the exact date of resuming all Bitcurex functionalities. More information will be provided in further statements.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, and most of all we thank the whole BTC community for the support we received: we were put to a test that will make us stronger.