The Deputy Mayor of Norrkoping in Eastern Sweden, Mathias Sundin, has won his attempt to join the country’s 349-member Parliament.

This happened while he only received donations in Bitcoin, the emerging global digital currency.

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He was very modest and left a Tweet on his Twitter account only a few hours ago confirming his selection into Sweden’s Parliament. He tweeted simply, “I’m in!”

The election process took place on 14 September 2014 and now the votes were tallied to confirm who won officially. The Swedish Parliament is not very different from the House of Representatives in the United States.

It made news that the 36 year old Swedish Bitcoin Politician, Sundin, won seats in the Parliament.

Sundin said about his campaign funding in his blog earlier that If anyone wanted to support his campaign, they can’t give him euros, dollars or Swedish kronor. He stressed that supporters would have to donate in Bitcoin only.

Now that he finally won the election and is “in office,” he will try to work on living up to all the campaign promises he made over the summer.

Sundin stated once that he will resist knee-jerk regulation of the digital currency and all disruptive innovation in general.

He promised to continue the education reforms that had been taking place in Sweden an also assured that he would assist to develop a tax system that will promote fast growing and innovating companies. Sundin will defend everyone’s right to privacy as well.

Mathias Sundin is often referred to as the Bitcoin Politician from Sweden. His selection officially makes him the very first prosperous Bitcoin candidate globally to reach a popular centralized political office.

He is also the first such candidate to run only on Bitcoin as a method to fund his campaign.

There were many candidates who have elected to accept Bitcoin as a donation method in the United States, which is the largest market for Bitcoin and other digital currency trading.

Among these candidates are Adrian Wylie for Governor, Chris Holbrook for Governor, Lucas Overby for Congress and Greg Abbott for Governor. All of them are accepting Bitcoin on their campaign websites.

Sundin explained his choice in an interview. He described how he was focusing on the negative headlines about Bitcoin only in the beginning. He assumed there was an unserious speculation bubble.

So, he read up more about it and understood that the crypto currency has the potential to rise and change the world. When he realized he could even do things like order pizza with his bitcoins, he was completely convinced.

This fall, Bitcoin probably wouldn’t make a strong campaign funding tool in the United Stated, considering the high amount of money that is required to run for offices like Governor.

However, it can be expected that mid-term elections in 2018 will have plenty of House of Representative candidates who will choose for office on the Bitcoin ticket, especially after Mathias Sundin serves as an example of how to do so successfully.