Online retail giant Newegg is rejoicing Bitcoin Black Friday along with the rest of the Bitcoin industry.

The Bitcoin industry is preparing for the Bitcoin Black Friday, celebrated annually on 28th November, leading online retailer Newegg announced special Bitcoin-specific deals to celebrate the event.

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They have announced special Newegg Bitcoin only deals on the website to highlight the digital currency’s supremacy as a mode of exchange.

Since the website began accepting Bitcoin in summer 2014, Newegg has warmed up to the Bitcoin community quickly.

Back in July, when their Bitcoin adoption was new, Newegg offered a 10% discount for 1 week, to the users who made payments with in Bitcoin.

Again in September, Newegg offered 30% off to the Canadian Bitcoiners for the brief time. This was to promote the launch of Bitcoin acceptance at their Canadian site,

The site trialed a Bitcoin-only deal before, on s specific and very high-demand items. Back in August, the start-up sold the increasingly popular Sony PS4 for only $320 if paid with. That price is still very competitive today.

The special deal was received very positively by the deal-hunting community on different forums like Slickdeals and Fatwallet.

All their previous deals involving Bitcoin were hit among the Bitcoin industry but their new deals, offered in the festive mood, are perhaps the best.

Newegg’s new Bitcoin deals range from 6% off to a big discount of 25% for Bitcoin users.

Both the merchant group and the consumers are enjoying the benefits of using bitcoin as Newegg will have fewer chargebacks and fraud cases with these Bitcoin deals.

The Bitcoin Black Friday will remind everyone that digital currency Bitcoin is not only used for illegal activities like Silk Road.

The Bitcoin only deals by Newegg project the potential benefits of paying with Bitcoin. It highlights how efficient the system is.

Newegg is also holding a $25 off $200 promotion for all the virgin users. This offer is equal to a 12.5% off and is completely supported by Visa.

What Newegg offered in the Bitcoin only deals reflects exactly how far the digital currency has come in terms of widespread adoption over the last 1 year.

The difference in merchant and media acceptance for Bitcoin is significant. The Bitcoin ecosystem’s development had great successes too, but the journey is not over yet.

Bitcoin Black Friday is an international event which will increase the popularity of normal Black Friday and Bitcoin.

There are numerous deals that buyers can take advantage of, as this year’s Newegg Bitcoin Only Deals include Laptops, Hard Drives and Notebooks.