Bitcoin will soon become part of the YBUSA entrepreneurship education program.

According to the plan, entrepreneurship education curriculum will entail bitcoin.

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The entrepreneurship education program has been designed by tech start-up social enterprise Youth Business USA.

It educates young entrepreneurs about the many methods they can rely on to convert their business ideas into money-spinning ventures.

They will not have to depend much on the reputable creditors. The program is set against the concept of narrow-minded and extravagant banking sector.

The entrepreneurship program will discuss various subjects. The attendants will get in-depth training and interest free loans. These will assist ambitious entrepreneurs to implement their micro-business models.

Youth Business USA (YBUSA) helps aspiring young individuals between age 18 and 29 to turn their unique business idea into reality. The non-profit provides a support package worth as much as $10,000 to young business owners. The package includes a socially-responsible loan which will help them to start a new business.

Apart from the training and interest free loans, selected participants will also get mentoring. After an applicant is selected, all services are free of charge.

Bo Ghirardelli, who is the founder, President and CEO of YBUSA, explained the firm’s aim in an interview. He said, “We want our young entrepreneurs to acquire and use Bitcoin as they start and run their businesses to benefit from its advantages. Perhaps even close the loop, purchasing supplies/equipment and selling product/service all in bitcoin with no conversion.”

YBUSA was launched in 2014. Since then, it has helped 11 young entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses. The tech startup initiative is praiseworthy.

The genius team behind this innovative is now planning to add bitcoin to its program. They believe that this addition will help connect students’ business projects.

A benefit of using bitcoin is that it has a decentralized structure, which makes it a perfect payment system for financially entrepreneurs and SMBs.

It is true that banks do not entertain their limited finances. They aren’t even ready to consider their loan applications but are often accused of charging unethical fees. In comparison, bitcoin is a hassle-free payment method.

According to some recently published reports, Youth Business USA has started discussing the benefits of bitcoin with its students already. As most of the YBUSA students are tech-literates who use smart phones, bitcoin sounds like a great option.

The non-profit is also hoping that to it will create a strong link between the Bitcoin community and these small-time entrepreneurs. The intention is to help both parties enjoy the benefits of low cost transactions while they purchase items over the internet.

It can be concluded that YBUSA has hit a right chord as far as utilizing the true potential of 2 emerging sections is considered. People who support the cause can donate money.