A lot is required from someone to be considered a gentleman but it is not hard to posses all of those things. I aspire to be of a character that embodies a gentleman and goes beyond those parameters so that I both respect everyone and am respected by everyone. I aim to become man of Sigma who not only embodies the ideal of the fraternity but can give back and add on to the code by which members of the fraternity live there lives each and everyday. For it is a gift to be part of such an organization of Sigma Chip and thus I must work to better myself to embody Sigma n both character and person.

In order to accomplish this I must live everyday with honesty, fairness, respect and so much more. I must exemplify these ideals in every manner of myself; whether it be in school, in sports, in my fraternity or daily correspondences I must uphold these ideals. That means holding the door open for any women, having academic integrity, treating others as I wish to be treated, giving any opinion despite my own beliefs the respect it deserves and also that I will conduct myself, in the presence of others, in a respectable, appropriate way at all times.

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But more importantly, I will exhibit all of these traits when no one Is looking because that is when the true test of character comes into play. It is one thing to act as a gentleman when others are looking but another when you know no one will know or give credit to you for your actions In a certain situation. I will make the right choice in such situations for as I said, I aspire to be a Sigma Chip and that means that in no instance are these morals and values ever not supposed to be represented and professed by my own character and actions. I will do my part to exemplify this creed In Sigma Chip and my own life.