This assignment will assist students In learning how to understand this concept: 1) For this assignment, you will test the following hypotheses: a) Frequent users of Backbone will have a significantly deferent level of self-esteem than infrequent users of Backbone. L) Deflation of Frequent users- spend 2 hours a day on Backbone. II) Definition of Infrequent users- spend less than 2 hours a day on Backbone. ) Module 2: Part I - Survey ) Each team member will access and complete the "Backbone Survey. " Save the survey results for the next part of this assignment. 3) Module 4: Part II - Data Collection a) Collect data from the surveys of each team member: b) Locate all the answers to the questions specifically about self-esteem: I) Self- esteem Question #s- c) Hold onto the survey results for the next part of the assignment. 4) Module 6: Final Study a) part Ill -T-Test l) As a team. You will use data you compiled (means from the average scores- self- esteem questions only) from the surveys to calculate a T-test on the two groups: (1)

Frequent users of Backbone- separate mean (2) Infrequent users of Backbone. - separate mean b) part - F-Aura I) use the data you compiled from the surveys to calculate an F- ratio on the 4 groups (4 means to calculate): (1) Male- Frequent/lunette-separate means (2) Female- Frequent/lunette- separate means [If your group consists of members of the same sex, then use ages to separate the groups: For instance, "under-30, over-30, etc. "] c) Part V- Compile the team's final results into a study (750-1 ,OHO words) detailing the steps of the assignment.

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Include in your study: ) Introduction; Briefly explain the reason for the study. Include the hypothesis and how it was tested. II) Method- briefly explain how the experiment was conducted: (1) Participants- How many? What were the relevant characteristics (male/female, ages, etc. )? (2) Instrument- Briefly explain the survey used to compile the data, "I) Procedure- Were there groups? How was data compiled? How was the data measured? Make sure you clarify the study for the reader. [v) Results- Record the mean differences on how you scored on self-esteem in these different groups.

How 2) Include the F-ratio v) Discussion: Include interpretation of results, ethical concerns, limitations of study, and suggestions for future research. (1) Was the hypothesis supported? (2) What can you generalize from the study?