The ability to repel mosquitoes has now become more of a necessity than a choice. The use of natural repellents to ward of mosquitoes, ticks and other insects has increased greatly in recent years due to concerns of brain damage and other health risks associated with the ingredient known as DEED found in most chemical insect repellents. Other shortcomings of DEED include its bad odor and unpleasant feel to the skin. It loses its potency in rising temperatures, and it can be washed off by sweat and the rain. Label warnings state to to apply indoors or use more than three times per day.

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DEED continues to be used today because of it has proven to be the most effective and long lasting protection against insect bites available. Natural mosquito repellent formulations have been developed that are effective in protecting against insect bites, however they do not last as long as DEED so more frequent applications are necessary. The benefits of natural repellents include a pleasant odor and no serious side effects. Essential oils have proven to be a safe and effective method of keeping ticks, quoits and other insects away.

They include rose geranium, citronella, lavender, eucalyptus, clove and atlas codeword. Citronella is often used in natural repellents because it is inexpensive, but it is not the most effective. One study conducted showed that citronella is thirty percent effective at repelling mosquito, whereas rose germanium oil is ninety seven percent effective. However, it is not always used in natural repellents because it is more expensive than other ingredients. So when choosing a natural repellent make sure it contains rose germanium oil.

Other effective formulations to look for contain different combinations of the following: Rosemary, enemy oil, thyme, lemongrass, peppermint, fennel, cedar, soybean verbena, pennyroyal, garlic, pine, lavender, accepts, cinnamon, allspice, celery extract and basil. Although these products are natural with no serious side effects they should not be over applied because they can cause minor irritation to the skin and eyes. Other precautions to consider: do not put repellent on young children's hands because they tend to put there fingers in their mouths.

Oil of citronella is used in candles torches, coils and candles to repel mosquitoes. Although they are quite effective at repelling mosquito they should never be the only source of protection. Found to be more effective than DEED at repelling mosquito and ticks. Derivatives of the substance have been safely used in personal care products. New processing methods may make it possible to produce the substance as cheap as DEED. In the future we may see this product widely available but until then applying safe, natural repellents frequently is the best way to go.