.. were desperately running out of water and running out of fuel. They found a little oasis where there was a little bit of water. They stayed there for quite a while. German soldiers were on their tail and also looking for water.

There were a great many more Germans than allies. The allied soldiers held off the Germans at the fort. The film was a little bit unrealistic. I think that the desert was realistic, but the ending was a little bit too unrealistic. It was too much of a Hollywood ending.

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It looked like all was going to be over for Bogart's character Joe Gunn. But almost single-handedly he and another soldier outfoxed hundreds of German soldiers into believing that there was plenty of water there. The film portrays the Western Desert as pretty desolate. There was not a lot of water there. It did not look like a place you wanted to be. It gave off the appearance that if you got stuck there you could very well die there.

The war in the Desert was shown as one of who could get water. I think that the message about the war that the directors and writers try to convey is that race should not play an issue. Americans should be accepting of other races and nationalities if they are fighting on our side. The movie showed the African Sergeant Tambul as a symbol of solidarity. It was a message that blacks and whites were on the same side and Americans should be accepting of blacks because they were fighting for the same thing that "we" were. I think that this was an effort by the writers to improve race.

I think that there was a little bit of propaganda about freedom. Joe Gunn was the kind of character that Americans could feel good about because he was a take-charge guy who always tried to do what was best for his men. I think that the writers and director thought that the war was one between the good guys and the bad guys. It was kind of a racial war. In a way, this is accurate, since the Germans were waging a race war against Jews and other races that they thought to be inferior.

I think that they portrayed the German prisoner as the classic blonde hair, blue eyes German to put a stereotype into Americans minds that the Germans all thought the way this prisoner did. The prisoner acted pretty cocky towards the Americans, and even wanted them to be his prisoners. I thought that was a pretty funny thing. The main idea was that all races should stand up and fight for what was right. I thought this was a very good movie.

It has been one of my favorites of the year. I liked Bogart in this movie and thought he was pretty heroic. I thought there was some good action and also some good comedic moments. I thought that the ending was even a little funny and ironic. The one thing that I definitely felt throughout the film was an extreme thirst.

With all of the actors going without water, I began to feel very thirsty as well. That was very interesting to me that it would make me so thirsty. It was a good film. They Were Expendable Director: John Ford Screenwriter: Film Genre: Cast: Guadalcanal Diary Director: Lewis Seiler Screenwriter: Richard Tregaskis (book) and Lamar Trotti Film Genre: Action/War Cast: Preston Foster, Lloyd Nolan, Anthony Quinn, William Bendix Das Boot Director: Wolfgang Petersen Screenwriter: Lothar G. Buchheim (novel) and Wolfgang Petersen Film Genre: Action/Drama/War Cast: Jurgen Prochnow, Herbert Gronemeyer, Erwin Leder This movie, which came out in 1981, is about life on a German U-Boat during World War II.

It explores what life might have been like on a U-Boat. This story starts in a bar the night before the U-Boat goes out to sea. It continues with the sub, showing the different roles of the crew. It shows how they dive deep into the ocean and how they come up above water. The U-Boat is shot at many times by Allied destroyers.

The movie showed how it affected the U-Boat. The plot becomes thicker when the U-Boat must go through a line of British destroyers in order to get to where their orders were. The U-Boat dives all the way past 200 meters underwater. It hits bottom and the crew thinks they are done for. Miraculously, somehow Johann fixes some things on the boat and they are able to rise to the top of the water.

They make it to the port safely. Ironically, as soon as they come into the port, they are bombed and just about the whole crew died. The film is extremely realistic. I felt like I was in the sub with them. I have seen subs before and this one looked like it was pretty real.

I also think that the characters were very authentic. I liked how it showed them as real people who became afraid, who joked around, who had girlfriends and wives back home, and showed other emotions that you would expect them to show in their circumstances. Not all of the men were gung-ho for Hitler, which I would have expected. Some of the men even seemed a little resentful of Hitler for putting them in the position that he did. The battles in the Atlantic were portrayed as one dominated by the British and their allies. It seemed like the U-Boats really were not very powerful in battle.

They did more diving when faced with a battle. It showed them sink a few British ships, but they got fired at much more than they fired at the Destroyers. The way the Captain spoke, the U-Boats were not doing particularly well in their campaign in the Atlantic. Life in the U-Boats could be described in one word: cramped. The crew was put in close quarters with each other.

Men had to sleep very close to each other. When the officers were eating with each other, there often was someone who had to walk through and one of the officers had to get up and let them through. The men tried to keep morale up in the U-Boat. They would joke around a lot about women and other things that would not be fit for women or children to hear. Some of the men became close friends from their experiences with each other.

There was always that fear that the next bomb might be the one that kills all of them. The main difference between this version of the film and the one that you can rent at the video store is that this one has more scenes in it. It is the Director's Cut and has roughly thirty more minutes in it. The story is still the same, but the one that we watched has additional scenes than the one that can be rented at the video store. I really enjoyed this film. When I saw how long it was, I was not very excited to watch it.

But during the film, I did not even realize how much time had passed. It was the type of film that the viewer can get involved in and actually begin to care about the characters. I thought that it was ironic that I was actually hoping for the crew of the U-Boat to make it safely home. For some reason, I grew fond of the men in the boat. Even though I know that they were fighting on the wrong side, this film actually made you see that they were humans, too.

They might have been very similar to a Brit or an American, but they were fighting for Hitler and not for freedom. This was a great film and one that helped me learn a lot about the U-Boat. The U-Boat had always been something that I really did not understand and did not know much about. After this film, I feel like I have a much better understanding of what a U-Boat was, what kind of capabilities it had, and what life on a U-Boat was like. Reviewers of the film agree with me.

They gave it 8.4 out of 10. They voted it #46 out of the top 250 movies. I would give this movie a 9 out of 10. It was entertaining and educational. It was nice to see a film that showed what life was like on the other side. Saving Private Ryan Director: Steven Spielberg Screenwriter: Robert Rodat Film Genre: Drama/War Cast: Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore This is the story of a group of U.S. soldiers whose mission it becomes to save Private James Francis Ryan (played by Matt Damon).

Ryan is stationed behind enemy lines during World War II. The reason why they are sent to find him was that all of his brothers had died in the war. So Ryan was the only brother left. The orders were to find him and to bring him back safely. He was to go back to the U.S. But after finding him, Ryan refuses to leave the small group of men he is with.

They defend a bridge against the Germans. Ryan lives, but many of the others were killed, including Captain Miller (played by Tom Hanks). Ryan tells the movie as a flashback as he looks at the grave of Captain Miller. This film is very realistic. The fighting scenes seem to be some of the most realistic ever captured on film. The opening scenes where they showed the storming of Normandy were amazing. The way they showed how the soldiers thought, felt, and acted was also very good.

The emotions of the soldiers were portrayed well. It was realistic how they showed the hurt and anger of seeing their fellow soldiers killed. Most of all, the portrayal of D-Day was amazing. The events of D-Day were portrayed as a very tough battle. It was very bloody and violent. Many Americans were killed. It was a very tough battle to get through the beaches.

The scene where the men are throwing up before the landing was classic. That is one more thing that makes the movie realistic. The Americans were very close to disaster on June 6, 1944. The film showed how not very many Americans were successful in keeping their life. The Germans were ready for the invasion and had lots of gunners set up to shoot the Americans as they landed.

So many of the men were sitting ducks. The first waves of men were pretty much destroyed. Gradually, as more men came, the Americans worked their way up the beach. They finally overcame the Germans, but they were very close to disaster. The combat scenes, especially the first twenty or thirty minutes, were very gruesome. They were pretty hard to watch.

I thought that they were very realistic. It was like you were an observer who was actually there and was watching all the people get killed. There were lots of deaths and they were pretty detailed. It showed guts hanging out, shots hitting men in the head and in the body, and also men who had body parts like arms or legs blown off. One scene that particularly disturbed me was the one where the soldier had his arm blown off and he was walking around looking for it. He found it and picked it up.

These scenes made me tense and I sat forward in my seat. They kind of gave me a sick feeling in my stomach. They were hard to watch. I think that the moral of the film is that in war, the men that you fight with can become like brothers to you. The bonds that you form when every day is a matter of life and death are very strong.

When Private Ryan learned that all his brothers had died and he was supposed to go home, he refused. He said that the men that he was with were the only brothers he had left and he could not leave them since they needed him. He felt a responsibility to them to help them hold the bridge. He said that his mom would be proud of him. I think that a lot of the men wanted to do the right thing.

They wanted to make their relatives proud of them and serve honorably and courageously. The generation that fought in World War II was very patriotic and noble. They wanted to stand up and fight for what they thought was right. It was good versus evil. They wanted to fight for the United States and freedom.

They went through death and injury to defeat the Nazis. I think that our generation can do great things, too, just like their generation did. The sense of country and patriotism is not as strong now as it was then, but the majority of people still love this country and would want to stop an evil force like the Nazis. I honestly do not think that there are as many people willing to stand up for their country like there were back then. I think that a lot of people would try to get out of going to war.

I think that the same situation is not as likely to happen now. Weapons are much more powerful now and a country can be wiped off the map much easier. Dropping the bomb was a huge decision then, and it would be huge today. War would be different now than it was then. Viewers love this film.

It is rated as one of the top films ever. I strongly agree with their analysis. This is a great film and people of all interests enjoy it. It is hard to watch some of the parts because of the killing. But the storyline is so touching and the ending is also a tearjerker that just about anyone can expect to feel a little moistening of the eyes after watching it. It is a great film about World War II and about war in general.

But it is also just a great film. It is one of the best ever. The Sullivans Director: Lloyd Bacon Screenwriter: Edward Doherty (story) and Mary C. McCall, Jr. Film Genre: Drama Cast: Edward Ryan, Anne Baxter, Thomas Mitchell, Selena Royle This is the story of the five Sullivan brothers.

They grow up in Iowa. They have one sister, but the five brothers do everything together. The film shows events from their life as they grow up. The one common theme as they are growing up is that the Sullivans stick together. As they get older, World War II is approaching. The youngest, Al, gets married and has a kid. Soon after, the family hears about the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

The Sullivan brothers want to go sign up immediately for the navy to go fight. The only problem is that Al cannot leave his wife and child. So the four other brothers head off to enlist, and Al's wife tells him that he should go, too. Her reasoning was that they had spent their whole lives together, and they should all go to war together, too. So all five enlist in the navy and get put on the same ship with each other. During a battle in the Pacific, the ship is hit and all five brothers die.

The bad news is relayed to their parents and family that they have lost the five Sullivan brothers. At the end of the movie, a ship is named the U.S.S. Sullivan in memory of them. The film is not very realistic. It was made in 1944 so it has that kind of "Leave it to Beaver" or "Father Knows Best" feel to it.

The family is kind of corny and the lines and acting are corny. An example of that is when the father's hat gets knocked off every time he walks underneath the clothesline. Another example is the sister ironing the boys' pants. She was very cheerful about it and enjoyed it. This is not realistic.

Realistic would be she ironed them, but complained about it. The family is almost too perfect. It is a nice portrayal of what a close-knit family is like and how close brothers can be, but it was a little bit over the top. The Sullivan boys were very close knit. They would do anything for each other.

There was a lot of love between them. They had grown up with each other and done so many things with each other, so they wanted badly to go to war with each other. Their parents were pretty good parents. I thought that the dad was a jerk at first, but his children knew that he loved them. The mom would do anything for the kids.

The boys would do anything for each other. This war affected the Sullivan family immensely. They went from having a big family to having a small one. Losing one child would be very tough on a family, but losing all five boys would be unimaginably painful. The family would have to be proud of them that they served their country, but the grief that they must have felt is hard to comprehend.

This film would have repercussions in local communities because it would show that there is a chance that your children will die in the war. It would make a lot of families think about whether they will ever see their son, husband, or dad again. The family would not want all their sons going to war since they saw in this film how all five died. The film showed the five brothers very nobly, though, in the final scene where they were in the sky going to heaven. That was a piece of propaganda to show how noble it was to fight for your country.

Most viewers enjoyed the film. I also liked the film, but felt it was a little too sappy and unrealistic. I realize that it was made in the 1940s and films then were a little corny when it came to showing family life. It was an interesting story. It was neat to follow the brothers from the time they were baptized until their death.

The film did a good job of showing that they were a team and did not want to be without each other. Even though the film did not have much battle action or mention of the war, it was effective in showing how the war affected families. All in all, it was a good film. Politics Essays.