This report will tell you the 10 basic steps to constructing a high powered home computer in under 2 hours.

Most people believe that you have to be a rocket scientist to build a computer. YOU DONT! It is very easy.

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The first thing you will need to do, is get the parts. MOtherboard, Processor, Video card, SOund card, DVD, CD-ROM, Monitor, RAM (SD-RAM) Case, speakers, DVD-EncoderCard, etc..

The next thing you will have to do, is set the jumpers on your motherboard, What this does, is set the amount of electricity that the motherboard will send to the CPU (processor). Different CPU's use different amounts of voltage. The newer CPU's use even less voltage. Most of the jumper setting's you will need are listed in the owners manual for the motherboard, or can be obtained from the dealer. Some motherboards dont even need to have the jumpers set, ITs done electronicly. These are called jumperless motherboard's. It will say weather or not it is a jumperless motherboard on the box or in the manual.

Then the next thing you will need to do is install the CPU, By locating the ZIF socket. It is beije and square. It just drops into place and then all you have to do is flip the lever on the side and thats done.

The next step, is installing the ram, The ram is usually 168 pin long, and will only fit into one slot ( out of 3 or 4 possible ) on the board. It will only go in one way so their is no putting it in backward. Then after you install the ram, you have to place the motherboard inside the case.

Then after you mount it in the case, you can go ahead and install the video card. TOdays video cards use what is called an AGP port (Advanced Graphics Port)

After you slide it in, you have to screw it down.

Then you can go and install all your other cards, (sound card, modem, DVD-Encoder card, etc...)

Then you have to install your hard drive and soundcard, YOu will first have to take out the PUNCHOUTS on the case, THey are little metal doors, that block things from falling into the computer.

After you take out the punchouts you can go ahead and put in your Hard drive, ( 3.5 inch bay ) and your CD-Rom or dvd (5 1/4) drive,then you can connect your power, make sure that the YELLOW wire is facing out, then you can connect the IDE/66 connectors to the board and CD-rom or dvd. Then you can put the case on, YOUR DONE!!!!!

YIPEEE you built your first computer, You can now go out and start up a business and then take over microsoft and ibm and rule the world and then start a holocost agaist all mac users.


THe top of my head because I am the masiah of all that plugs into the wall.

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