To provide employees with appropriate opportunities to improve their work performance T encourage high potential & high talented employees to move up the organizational ladder To ensure there are an adequate number of skilled & qualified replacements(successors) for every key position To better utilize employee talents. In order to establish trailing plans, Bangles conduct a competency GAP analysis for each employee. A competency GAP analysis is the process of determining the competency level of employees for the purpose of aligning the strategic objectives of the organization with the individual employee performance.

It also provides the indications of the areas where the employee needs to be developed. The competency GAP analysis assesses the following three components: Bankrolling provides periodic training either locally or abroad, which is intended to upgrade the capabilities and efficiencies level of employees and to groom them for further career development and leadership positions. Such training programs are aligned with competency GAP analysis and managed by HER and administration department. During an employee training period, whether conducted In outside Bangladesh the company will continue to pay the salary.

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The company shall pay all training expenses, round trip airfare, living allowance, and local transportation in accordance with company related regulations. It's the individual responsibility to take full advantage of the training opportunity for his [her own development. B. Local training (In-house & external) Trailing programs those are help locally may be held on the source of training may local halls-seminar halls. In house training may be provided through internal resources with the objectives to recognize internal talents and provide customized training for employees.

Bankrolling employees that provide honorarium as outlined in the Len- house Training honorarium policy. C. International Training All training programs, workshops, seminars, and conferences held outside Bangladesh are considered as International training. Technical know - how program through vendors Technical know - how program through vendors are learning services purchased from technical equipment vendors or project suppliers in order to provide technical know how to the employees who will operate the associated equipment or work on the concerned project. In-House Training Process

Bankrolling has some niche training needs which are difficult to address through open courses. However, Bankrolling possesses some in-house trainers who have the necessary knowledge and experiences to conduct such training programs. Thus, HER can decide to organize such training programs utilizing these in-house trainers. The use of in-house trainers will ensure the delivery of qualitative customized and cost effective training programs as per company needs. In-house trainers are also encouraged to share their knowledge with their colleagues and thereby attain self enrichment. In-house training process

HER will approach the concerned person and collect his/her training profile, inline with the training program. The training profile will be evaluated by HER and respective HOOD If the training profile is found suitable, the trainer based on the training program, with prior approval from his/her line manager and respective HOOD. The training course content will be developed by the in-house trainer, based on the training need and approved by HER and the respective HOOD The training schedule and duration will be mutually decided by the in-house trainer and HER, on the basis of mutual convenience of all parties.

The training schedule will be set in a manner that will not affect the normal working hours of the in-house trainer. In-house training honorarium The training honorarium will be provided upon successful completion of the training program as per following. The claim form will be initiated by the HER and Adman department and approved by the concerned Hoods and Accounting Finance department. TX. 1000 per hour is training provided in weekdays TX. 500 per hour if training is provided in weekends/gobo holidays No overtime will preparation or delivery of any in-house training program. . Eligibility of training Permanent employees nominated for enrollment in training program should meet the following conditions: The training need of the employee should align with the training program topic There must be reflection of training In employee's competency GAP analysis The employee should be knowledgeable of the language in which the training will be conducted The employee must sign a training agreement, if applicable. . Training Evaluation Following completion of any training or technical know - how, the participant will be required to evaluate the session. The feedback is used to identify the areas of development of the training program in future. In addition the employee will be required to provide a copy of the training materials to Human Resource Training is the learning experience in that it seeks a relatively permanent change in an individual that all improve the ability to perform on the Job.

We typically say training can involve changing of skills, knowledge, attitudes, or behaviors. It may mean changing what employees know, how they work, the attitude toward their work, or their interaction with their co-workers or supervisors. Training is more present-day oriented; its focus is on individual's current Job, enhancing those specific skills and abilities to immediately perform their Jobs.

As a training procedure Bankrolling Customer Care shows the following things- Effective training for all employees & Exclusive executive training for top level employees Effectively performance gap are fulfilled Effective strategic training plan is taken quarterly Good coordination among training materials, training efforts and training arrangements Training program is providing for handle crucial situation Effective raining assists organizational competitiveness by aiding in the retention of employees Training program is providing for increasing employees Keas to compete effectively On -the -Job -training and external training are followed by them 2.

Findings Training & Development Bankrolling provide the training as the Job requires performing it properly, by internal and external sources. But in CDC through training & development activity is very limited according to the Job description and further multi skill activities. At the very beginning the CAR is given a basic training of 135 hours but after that to develop the kill while working live the training to improve performance is not adequate. Moreover the basic training that is provided primarily has very little relativity to work practically. The standard of training can not meet the level of efficiency to perform as without getting stacked with the service.

The fact is in Basic training the product The resources provided to the trainees should be more understanding as it is very necessary to make training materials easy to understand for the trainees to help them to grab the knowledge that company wants them to have. 3. Training recommendation CDC Human Resource Development needs to prepared the Job-specific training portions of development plans for most of the Customer care positions; each plan is to be bonded to the Job responsibility These plans will, therefore, assist employees in administrative positions and their supervisors in identifying Job-specific training that will enhance knowledge, skills and performance and improve an employee's ability to perform the Job.