Ghaziabad in partial fulfillment of the degree of Master OF Business Administration (MBA) is my original and not submitted for award of any other degree, diploma or other similar award. Date… Place… Signature of the Student PREFACE Institute of Technology & science Page 2 To make aware of real life business situation every MBA student has to undergo for the period of 8-10 weeks under the guidance of professional manager to get the better understanding of the environment.

By the time one complete his MBA degree he already has experience, which prove very beneficial in future. I Ankur Goyal student of MBA lll Sem of , on practical training at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd, the duration of 8 weeks, and I was under marketing dept especially in sales at Firozabad. Let me lastly add that I am not perfectionist nor does my project contain cent percent accuracy. Beyond questioning I have put my best efforts in the completion of the project. I hope this project work prove useful to its reader and organization as well if it deserves.

Institute of Technology & science Page 3 The present study of the Study of Life insurance & marketing strategies of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd, based on my 8 weeks training at Firozabad, (A unit of Bajaj Allianz LIC Ltd); Suhag nagar, Firozabad. In the preparation of this project; I have been helped by my quarters. First of all I express my thanks to the management of Bajaj Allianz LIC Ltd, who have allowed me & gave me opportunity to complete my summer training/ study in their organization. I heartily thankful to my company’s project guide Mr. Atul Jindal (Sr. Sales Manage) &