With the increasing usage of computers in the education field, I as a student and many other of my classmates are compelled to develop a backup strategy for our assignments. A strategy which will wipe out my fear of loosing my document to a computer hard disk failure, accidental erased and many other possibilities that could occur. A backup plan which will not force to me to tell my professors that the computer ate my assignment.

The backup plan I have put into effect requires maximum usage of storage devices, meduims of storage ranging from floppies to zipdrives and re writeable CD-ROMs. I usually save my data every 10 mins on my floppy because you never know when the computer will freeze. Most of the word processors have auto-save features but they save the document on the hard drive therefore it is better to also save the document on an auxiliary form of storage e.g. disks, zipdrives .This helps me in preventingdocument loss due hard disk failure. During my IS40 classwork I would also save my work in a folder in the student drive. The concept behind this is to duplicate my work, incase I loose my document I can go back to the PC lab and retrieve it. I keep hard copies of word or excel documents in case everything fails.

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In conclusion the best possible method is to prevent mishaps from happening, like being careful in saving documents and to make sure to lock the disk after you have saved it.