How should marketer promote products and services to working women? What appeals should they use? Explain. B) What are the implications of the sleeper effect for the selection of Spokespersons and the scheduling of advertising messages? C) Discuss the Interrelationships among customer expectation and satisfaction , Perceive value and customer retention. Why Is a customer relation essential?

D) Compare the contrast he economics, passive, cognitive and emotional Models of consumer decision- making? Q. 2 A) Why are both attitudinal and behavioral measures Important In measuring brand loyalty? B) What are the advantages and Limitations of secondary data? Q. 3 A) Contrast the major characteristics of the following personality theories (a)Freudian theory (b) Neo-Freudian theory. In your answer, illustrate How each theory is applied to the understanding of consumer behavior? B) How does the family influence the consumer colonization of children? What role does television advertising play in consumer colonization?

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Q. 4 A) Apply the criteria for effective segmentation to marketing a product of Your choice to college students? B) Explain how situational factors are likely to influence the degree of Consistency between attitudes and behavior? Q. 5 A) Why are the consumers' needs and goals constantly changing? What Factors influence the formation of new goals. B) Briefly describe the changing trends in consumer behavior in India Content? C) Describe theories of Learning?