Our sports center gave us the name "Bastard" sport center. "Bastard" is a word in Amanda, which means sweating. We chose this name because we think all sports activities will produce sweat which is useful for body health and wellness. Sports center not only provides a variety of sports facilities but also provides a place to hang out like a food court. T aims to increase the choice of place of recreation for the immunity. With our motto "be Sweaty, be Healthy" we hope this business can work well and can be useful for everyone. SOOT analysts Internal Strengths : 1. Many sports and recreational facility that we offer and in one location 2. Security level international standard that ensures visitors can move quietly 3. Advanced facilities and international standard Internal Weakness : 1 . Here are many workers coming from Amanda does not have a good work ethic. So companies must use trainers for training in work ethics.

External Opportunities 1. There is no competitors. 2. People in Amanda likes sport, especially fatal and swimming 3. Visitors that visit Amanda increased every year. External Threats 1 . Downturn in the economy which could negatively impact the public expenditure on additional income on fitness or recreational sports. We chose as the location of the gold mega business execution. It is because, the mega-mass is in the center and a shopping mall. As we know that many community activities run the mega mass. Making it easier to reach and be remembered by the people.

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Our goal in the coming year is the first one, so that "BASTARD" sport center has had at east 50-75% of loyal customers. So with a little addition of facilities as well as maintaining our service, our loyal customers will continue to grow every year. Then our goal in the next 5 years is "BASTARD" sport center has been able to overturn capital and increase revenues and also increase the facilities provided. Market Segmentation : target markets which we expect is demographically, based on age. In this case the customers are aged from 10 to 50 years. Thus, a sports center may include a variety of community groups. Which also will add its own credit for "Bastard" sport as a to of Distal field )nonevent tutus Held sensed rainier.