The Crystal Group of Companies employs over 35,000 people in eight locations including USA, Vietnam, Sir Lanka, Bangladesh, Dongguan, Huizhou, Nanjing, and Zhangshan. It is one of the garment industry's global companies in which can be found across the world. Its customers cover USA, Europe, Japan and China e.g. Uniqlo, H&M, Levi's, Gap, Walmart, JCP, M&S, etc. Crystal Group has also extended its vertical capabilities to include the production of knit fabrics, denim washing, garment dyeing as well as printing and embroidery. These successes have made the Crystal Group competitive both locally and globally.

Its strategically located, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce the highest quality apparel and clothing items for the customers. In addition to being a garment manufacturer, it offers a full range of services from design, R&D and laboratory testing. As industry leader, Crystal Group plays an active role in sponsoring, supporting and collaborating with Government, tertiary institutions and universities in new R&D and industrial projects.

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Crystal Group earns sufficient money to let it grow from 70 to 35,000 employees within 40 years. All customers are recognizing Crystal Group's products and services to build a long-term partnership between each others. Its business strategy is also focusing on the triple bottom-line: Profit, People and Planet. It develops positive relationships with its customers, suppliers and employees; organize meaningful initiatives to benefit local community and pioneer green production technologies to minimize the impact on the environment.

Business Mission and its business Crystal group's mission: "Let's build Crystal Group to be the most productive enterprise in garment industry in terms of sales and profits, with quality products and services that our customers favorably regard as value for money." The most productive enterprise Crystal Group is one of largest garment original-equipment-manufacturer (OEM) in the world and provides the quality products to its customers. Its total turnovers were HK$7,800 million in year 2010. Per its 5-years plan, its total turnovers will be HK$13,500 million in year 2015. During the future 5-years, its production bases will be increased from 5 locations into 7 locations to achieve its increasing capacity needs. After year 2015, it will become one of the most productive enterprises in Garment industry.

Quality products and services (customers favorably regard as value for money) At Crystal Group, its customers are at the heart of the business strategy. Its focus on customers' needs and expectations has given it a strong customer portfolio. Fully dedicated to the success of its customers, it operates world-class factories to provide excellent manufacturing capability. It always prides on its ability to meet and exceed the customers' diverse expectations. Besides providing the full spectrum of services, understanding of market cycles and trends enables to anticipate its customers' changing needs and to proactively provide the right solutions.

Crystal Group's top managements believe that: Their customers' success is their success, they work hand in hand with them to identify, invest in and implement sustainable enhancements. It grows together with its customers as a strategic partner, and goes deep into their businesses to help them achieve their overall business goals. It believes this is why Crystal Group always remains among the top five partners in its customers' business.

Conclusion To support Crystal Group's mission, it is guided by its commitments to become a productive manufacturing company, profit maximization, quality and value for money. The above mission statement essentially defines the basic values of Crystal Group in which explain what the company does, what it intends to accomplish, and who it intends to serve. Crystal Group's evolution of marketing

An orientation, in the marketing context, related to a perception or attitude a firm holds towards its product or service, essentially concerning consumers and end-users. Throughout history, marketing has changed considerably in conjunction with consumer tastes. In 70s, the Hong Kong garment industry was dominated by small firms. However, a lot of them have been eliminated, leaving those with high competitiveness, have developed into sizeable companies, Crystal Group is one of them. It has been successfully transformed from a family business into an enterprise of over 35,000 employees. The success is mostly attributed to a reliable and effective management and marketing strategy. Actually, Crystal Group has different marketing orientations during its past 40 years.

In 70-80s, it specialized in product orientation as much as possible of a given product or service. Thus, this signified Crystal Group exploiting economies of scale until the minimum efficient scale is reached. In 80-90s, Crystal Group moved to sales orientation focuses primarily on the selling and promotion of its products. Consequently, this entailed simply selling an already existing product, and using promotion techniques to attain the highest sales possible. Emphasis was placed on the whole relationship between suppliers and customers. The aim was to provide the best possible customer service and build customer loyalty.