To face challenges in the new business world the company can open an e-com site a B2B site so that the company can do more business not only with its Indian client but also to it international clients. Different system approaches helps us in using the theoretical and methodological levels. Critical systems thinking uses all available metap or to gain a better understanding of problem situation .The Merchem case the culture, management, employee relation and technology has been taken, and a change is needed to bring in a change in the organization

I would suggest that once company bring in the recommended changes it should then try to deal with it and make sure that a effective change has happened and that these changes will help the company not to repeat the mistakes it made before Self-Reflective Learning Complexity in organization is very common these days and they are growing, because as organization grows it is difficult to manage and understand the complexities. Change management help me to realized the complexities and problems that actually stopped the organization to grow, and the methodologies for improving the situation.

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Studying managing information helped to understand change management without much difficulty. Mr. Yolles book was a very good book to start with. This book gives a foundation for systems theory and method, in particular, viable systems theory, that explicitly addresses complexity. The book is very good for a beginner to understand as each things are described in details and simple. Overall the book is excellent for management students, with its variety of case studies.

The website site of MR. Yolles was very good and informative. It had all the information for covering the subject. The Liverpool city council case study, the NHS case studies give a good idea on learning each methodology. The case studies presented are from real world complex situation I also believe some video lectures should also be available on the website. Since the subject is strong and in depth analysis is needed, video lectures are always good to refresh memory. Group participation and seminars are the ways of improving learning and they get a chance to learn more

This subject has greatly attracted me. When I worked I was faced with real world situation. However I was never sure of these methodologies.. My work experiences and my visit to Merchem as a member of the audit company where I worked help me to do this course work. My jobs have helped me a lot in learning management skills and the experiences I learned there helped me in learning this subject easier.

Also my sincere thanks to Mr. Yolles who has shown lot of patience and understanding in helping me to understand a relative very new, very difficult subject by his easy way of teaching, his example's, which made us understand the methodologies and the valuable information he has passed on to us. I also realized that methodologies like SSM could help in Improving HRM and marketing. Overall to be frank I enjoyed studying the subject as it was relatively new to me and it was interesting .The experiences I learned from this subject will help me in playing a big role in the company I will be working for identifying and solving problems.