From the perspective of application, automotive electronics can be divided into engine/transmission system, chassis system, body system, communication system, safety system and so forth. This report covers airbags, tire pressure monitoring, DADS, VII (navigation and audio), automatic transmission, fuel injection, lighting and telemetric.

Meanwhile, it studies status quo, market trends, intention patterns and supply relationship of the industry, as well as analyzes financial data, operation and development strategies of major Chinese and foreign companies. Tire Pressure Monitoring: TAMS entered the Chinese market as the luxurious configuration of Imported vehicle models. As Chinese consumers gradually put forward higher requirements on automotive safety, Chinese automobile manufacturers have applied TAMS as standard configuration; TAMS has been installed not only In luxury cars, but also In midrange cars.

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In May 2014, 73 Chinese local passenger car brands set TAMS as tankard configuration for 312 models and 1 ,567 styles. China's automotive TAMS MEMO market size was estimated to reach 2. 47 million sets in 2013, representing an Increase of 32. 8% over 2012. In recent years, Chinese TAMS market has been growing quickly owing to the small market size, a low comparison base and the optimistic attitudes of many TAMS vendors toward the popularity of TAMS in China. Although China's TAMS standards have been approved, mandatory installation policies have not been issued yet.

We forecast that China will Introduce relevant policies around 01 5, and the market will see rapid development then. It Is conservatively estimated that Chinese TAMS market will present a CARR of 27. 8% during 2014-2017, the MEMO market size will reach 6. 61 million sets by 2017, and the aftermarket size will swell swiftly as well. View Complete Report @ http:// www. chlnamarketresearchreports. Com/114958. HTML . DADS Determining has been the fastest growing automotive technology over recent years. And it has entered the "Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (DADS)" large-scale application stage.

China's DADS market size hit ISSUED million in 2013, and will mount to SUDS. 7 billion in 2019, with the estimated CARR of dung 2013-2017, In 2014, only about 6% of 6,079 vehicle models for sale In China are equipped with one or more sets of DADS. Among these DADS-contained models, imported cars account for 50%, and the ones made in China occupy the remaining 50%; however, over 80% of the ones made in China are produced by Joint ventures, which means the DADS configuration rate of domestic brands Is much lower than that of International brands.

China sold 21. 99 million automobiles in 2013, including 17. 93 million passenger cars and 4. 6 million commercial vehicles, with the DADS preinstall rate Automotive EFFIE System is divided into gasoline and diesel electronic injection system. Gasoline electronic injection system is more popular and major carmakers all have mastered the know-how of it. However, diesel electronic injection technology is monopolized by a few giants such as Delphi, Busch and Dense.

The application proportion of Chinese heavy truck high-pressure common rail system was about 35% in 2013, and ascends quickly in 2014 as the enforcement time of National Emission Standards IV is definite. In-line pump devices complying with National Emission Standards Ill can not meet the requirements of National Emission Standards IV and V in terms of fuel pressure and injection control, so they need to be completely replaced by electric control high-pressure common rail injection system in the future. The application proportion of Chinese heavy truck diesel high-pressure common rail system will increase to in 201 5 and 80% in 2017.

According to estimates, Chinese diesel electric-control high-pressure common rail market size is expected to reach ARMS. 846 billion 2014 and RHOMBI. 751 billion in 2017 with an AGAR of 16. 3%. Purchase a Copy of this Report @ http://www. chinamarketresearchreports. Com/ contacts/purchase. PH? Name=114958 . The report covers the following: Chinese automobile and auto parts markets, including output, sales volume and market structure of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and the competition pattern of auto parts market.

Global and Chinese automotive electronic market, embracing definition, classification, market size, development course and development trends. Definition, classification, development course, industrial standards, policies & regulations, R & D route, market size, output, sales volume, purporting, market demand, competition pattern, import & export and development trends of major automotive electronic market segments, such as intelligent driving, DADS, Telemetric, 'VI, navigation, audio, airbags, TAMS, automatic transmission, fuel injection and lighting.