As technology advances, humans are becoming redundant. The development of technology is unstoppable and it shouldn't be. There are the fans of innovations and people who prefer the traditional way of every factor of life. But in my opinion we should remember that technology is made by us, by people and it is created to make our lives easier, but not to make our lives useless. That's why I do not agree with the thesis that as technology advances, humans are becoming redundant.

In the movie "Wale" there was presented a vision of a generation so dependent on genealogy, that their lives were mostly based on eating, sleeping and procrastinating. Every person that I asked about this movie reacted the same. This vision horrified everyone. Think it had such a huge Impact on receivers, because It makes us realize that we don't want to end up like this. We don't really want to sit and do nothing, despite the fact that sometimes this sounds like the best idea in the world.

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I like to assume that we all have some goal we want to achieve and our lives are the story of how we are getting there, to the final point. So even if the technology will be improve to the point where our every day responsibilities will be taken over, we will still find something that keeps us busy. This is how life works. Even, when somebody is rich enough to afford everything and don't need to do absolutely anything, still he finds some passion or Job, another goal. Although technology Is very helpful, I do think that It Is not completely unerring. If the Internet would broke, the whole world would stop to function properly.

Most of money, documents, contacts, orgasm, from Backbone to the Governmental data base, or banks accounts we have online. Everything would disappear. We cannot rely only on technology. We have to collaborate with it. Use it for help, but remember about that nothing is unfailing. There is no way to leave technology all by itself. It was created by humans, so it have to be lead and operated by humans. There are also things that are Just simply irreplaceable in life. Technology will never be able to create Art or music, because technology does not have a feelings.

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It s unable to create anything by itself. Technology does not produce another technology. I think, it is fair to say that even inventors are In specific way artists. From nothing they do something that is new and progressive. We cannot replace a sound of somebody voice or the way someone plays guitar by anything, because It will always be different than generated on computer sounds. Again, I have disagree with the given thesis that as technology advances, humans are becoming redundant.