To inform my listeners about some reasons in building Artificial Intelligence. : Developing Artificial Intelligence is a fun and exciting way to make computers TTS think . Outline: l. Introduction A. Humankind has given itself the scientific name homo sapiens-man the wise- because our mental capacities are so Important to our everyday lives and our sense of self. While the field of artificial Intelligence attempts to understand Intelligent entitles. B.

Thus, the reason why I want to discuss about artificial Intelligence Is cause artificial intelligence constructed Intelligent entitles that are Interesting and useful In their own right. II. Body( I will now discuss some reason that can be considered as the advantages In developing AAA. One of the reasons In building AAA Is because A. Artificial Intelligence Is used to make Intelligent entitles that can think rationally. A rational decision Is one that Is not Just reasoned, but Is also optimal for achieving a goal or solving a problem. 1.

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Artificial Intelligence that think rationally has the ability to plan sequences of actions that maximizes the chance of success. There are some application made to test the thinking capability of A. L. A. A world chess champion has been defeated by an A. L. ( ( According to Bistros chess was considered as the epitome of intelligence until deep blue became the first chess playing system to beat a reigning world chess champion Garry Sparrow in 1997. In 2011, In a Jeopardy quiz show exhibition match, WATSON defeated the two greatest Jeopardy Champions, by a significant margin. B. The two greatest Jeopardy champions has been defeated by an AAA. . Another ability of Artificial Intelligence is, it can remember complicated interrelated facts and draw conclusion from them. This ability of AAA is mostly used by the researchers that cannot handle a lot of evidences that needs to be consolidated to form conclusions. B. Artificial Intelligence is also used to Improve the life of people. AAA Is applied In many different fields so it can contribute In the development. ( 1. Allowing people to complete tasks faster. AAA allows people to complete tasks faster, especially by the use of Internet. Now, lets talk about the search engines. Specifically, lets talk Google.

Google that Is widely used as Its AAA known as Google. Google Is continuously crawling In the Internet Indexing every bit of Information It can. More so, Its trying to make all of the Information clear to anyone. 2. Artificial Intelligence Is allows people to enjoy more . Ill. Conclusion theorem proving, planning and medical diagnosis have systems that can perform as well as, or better than, human experts. In other areas such as learning, robotics and natural language understanding, rapid improvements in performance are occurring through the application of artificial intelligence.

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