Organization: Northeastern University Subject: art midterm Art Music and Drama midterm MUS 1109 fall 1996 1:Fundamentals in musicP_____________ R_____________ M_____________ 2:Middle ages Plainchant means________ in music. What materials did stone carvers use?___________ What purposes did gargoyles have?____________ 3:The renaissance means___________The technical advances in art were: They are P___________ and C_________ Did michealangelo invent the telescope__________ tapestries were used as what purpose________ 4:BAROUQE If a pearl was baroque how did that metaphor get translated into the art? Three important composers were H_________ B___________ V_____________ 5:Embellishments were necessary because the instruments from this period were delicate and keep the sound alive composers added them TRUE or FALSE 6:Dutch paints emphasized different values from their Italian counterparts.This was due to a change in religious mores TRUE or FALSE

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