The creation of Area 51 began in April of 1955, when a Lockheed test pilot, Tony LeVier, searched for a remote site to test the U-2. Grooms Lake is chosen as the location for the runway. By August of 1955, the U-2 makes its first flight from Grooms Lake. That was only the beginning for test flights from Area 51. In April 1962, the first A-12 Blackbird was tested at Groom Lake. February 1982, the F-117A Stealth fighter takes off for the first time. All other test flights have not been released to the public, but that doesn't mean they don't occur. However, they are, in no way, shape or form, alien test flights. Nearly all of the evidence that supports the alien spacecraft theory, is without backing, or solid information. Also, the US government played on the UFO theories to hide their own testing plans. Today, Area 51 is the home to the latest top secret aircraft: the Aurora, among others Many of these aircraft, past and present, are able to perform incredible feats in the sky. Some so unbelievable, that they could be mistaken for alien spacecraft by fanatics of extra-terrestrials. However, based on the falsified eye-witness accounts of Area 51, and declassification of military spy planes like the U-2 and F-117A Stealth fighter, I am here to tell you that these flights are not alien crafts, but actually secret military aircraft.

I. According to Glenn Campbell, a leading researcher on Area 51, Bob Lazar provided the most incredible source for information supporting alien ships at Area 51, and also the most falsified.

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A. He claims to have worked with alien spacecraft at an area called Area S-4, which is right next to Area 51.

1. He claims he worked there until 1988 as a senior researcher.

2. Government papers have shown that he was merely a repair technician.

3. He also claims that he gained complete exposure to Area 51.

a. He only made a few visits to the site between Nov 1988 and April 1989.

b. Those familiar with classified Gov. programs say such rapid exposure to a top secret project is unlikely.

B. He also claims to have seen nine flying saucers housed in a hangar built into a hill.

1. None of his claims can be verified.

a. People can't just go to the alien hangars and check for space craft.

b. He took a lie detector test and the results were inconclusive.

c. There is no evidence that Lazar even visited Area 51.

1. Can be unofficially checked by former workers.

2. Unable to describe the arrival areas or what you see when you first arrive at Area 51.

C. The information about Lazar that can be checked is a lie.

1. He lied about his academic credentials
2. He lied about his status at Los Alamos Base.

3. He is not a reliable source.

II. The U-2 was the initial reason Area 51 was created, as stated in a timeline created by Tom Mahood, a respected Area 51 historian.

A. It was a secret spy plane created in the 1950s to get recon photos behind the Iron Curtain.

B. During the Cold War, it was used frequently to determine what kind of arsenal the USSR really had.

C. It needed an extremely long runway, because of the high speed it needed to take off.

1. Groom Lake provided the flattest, most secluded, and closest spot to other military bases.

III. The SR-71 Blackbird was the next generation of spy planes.

A. Created during Cold War to gather info on USSR
1. It was publicly announced by LBJ on Feb 29, 1964
2. The first flight took place on December 22, 1964.

B. Unlike U-2, the SR-71 could go over Mach 2.
1. According to the Augusta Chronicle, the SR-71 was tested by diving down from 50,000 feet and then swooping to a horizontal flight.
2. This maneuver is called a dipsy doodle
3. Occasionally, the exhaust turns green, giving it a UFO persona.

4. UFO sightings coincide with the coming and going of secret aircraft.

IV. The F-117A Stealth Fighter is perhaps the most well known aircraft tested at Groom Lake.

A. First plane in history to use low-observable stealth technology.

1. Work began in 1978, under Lockheed.

2. First one finished in 1982.

3. Last one rolled out in 1990.

B. It was kept so secret, nobody had any idea it existed until 1990, when they had stopped production of them.

1. Gov. used secret at Area 51 to hide all testing for over 10 years.

2. It is impossible to say how many other planes are currently being tested at Area 51, and nobody knows about them.

3. Silly to jump to conclusions and say that any unusual aircraft are aliens.

V. In Michael Haas's Newsletter from Berkley University, the Aurora Aircraft is the latest craft being tested at Area 51.
A. It was created to replace the SR-71.

1. It can attain speed s of Mach 6-8 (4400 mph)
2. It is so secret, that nobody is sure what it looks like exactly.

3. By 1992, after 4 years of testing, it flies from Area 51 to an atoll in the Pacific, then to Scotland, where it refuels, and returns to Area 51.

4. As it lands, an F111 fighter flies down in close formation to mask the Aurora from any civilian radars.

5. Bill Sweetman in his article in Jane's Defense Weekly "Mystery Contact May Be Aurora", he states that when reaching speeds of Mach 6, the leading edge of the aircraft will glow bright red, giving it an alien look.

6. It also creates sonic booms as it flies by, which has been recorded by numerous seismological instruments, at regular intervals that correspond with testing schedules.
V. The prospect that UFOs are being tested at Area 51 simply has no backing.

A. There is no proof that UFOs are stored at Groom Lake.

1. The Government is very secretive about Area 51, but not because of UFOs.

2. Their secret military aircraft are very top secret.

3. The few people that have spoken out about experience from Area 51 have been proven discredible.

a. Bob Lazar was a complete liar about the information that is checkable.....why should we believe what he says about things that can't be checked?
4. The UFO sightings can be easily explained by military aircraft that are being tested.

a. dispy doodle
b. green exhaust
c. Aurora sonic booms
d. glowing leading edge of Aurora
Just because the military doesn't tell civilians about their aircraft does not mean that there must be alien intervention. It simply means that the government is trying to protect it new toys. They have every right to keep their top secret aircraft a secret.....that's why it is called top secret, right? The government is like a little kid. How many of you when you were little wanted to share your new toys? I didn