Are You There God? Its Me, Margaret, by Judy Blume
Dear Judy Blume,
Im writing to inform you of an excellent book that youve created. The book that Im referring to is Are You There God? Its Me, Margaret. It is a great book! I dont really like reading, but your book interested me! I loved how you wrote this book, the way the character Margarets life was, I mean. I would like to talk to you in person to ask you about this book and where you got the ideas from. Did you write this book on your life story? I loved how you created it so that Margaret and her friends could have a club for secrets, it has inspired me to create a club of my own, me and my friends. Ms. Blume I would really like to know where your ideas came from. I loved the relationship between Margaret and her grandmother. I think that The end of the story should be longer, I wanted to know what happens to The PTSs, Laura Danker, Moose, and Phillip Leroy. There are other suggestions that I have to make like there should be more drama in the book, more problems, and more action. I think there should have been a lot more things that Margaret, her family, and friends shouldve faced that they wouldve had to overcome. Im still curious about what religion she chooses. Thanks for writing such a good book I loved it! Please continue to write more enjoyable books like this.


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